Check out Sonic Electronix’s D.A.D.

JBL PartyBox

A true party in a box – this unit is a lively addition for any music-loving Dad. A portable speaker with two tweeters and a 5.25” woofer in a ported enclosure, the JBL PartyBox offers Bluetooth and Plug-n-Play (Aux and USB) capabilities for larger than life sound while putting on an epic LED light show.

Select from a range of RGB light patterns on the speaker’s control panel or customize the whole show via the JBL app to create the perfect ambiance for the Father’s Day celebration – or for Dad to jam out alone. 

With 160 Watts of max power, adjustable gain knob and a microphone input – link two PartyBoxes together for the ultimate outdoor concert for up to 12 hours of playtime. It includes an AC power adapter for an all-day-all-night experience.

The festivities can keep going, even if dad doesn’t.

Belva BSAP212

For the traveling music junkie, a subwoofer with a high-efficiency Class D amplifier makes for easy installation for you or Dad before he takes the show on the road.

The 360W RMS amplifier is mounted to the inside of the sub box and pre-wired for a non-existent install (Sorry Dad!). The 12” subwoofer lives in a latex surround with a polypropylene cone within a ported enclosure – resulting in crisp and punchy bass.

By saving on space with the Belva BSAP212 amp, the trunk will still have room for any kids’ sports equipment or groceries without sacrificing quality. Plus, the included bass knob means that Dad can turn down the boom when baby is sleeping or mom has a headache. 

NVX QBUS10P + Belva BAK82 8 Gauge Amp Kit

Does Dad have a hot rod but missing the rockin’ sound? For the father who doesn’t want to sacrifice space for equipment, this NVX subwoofer and power-matched Belva kit is meant to be installed beneath the driver seat of the vehicle. 

The Class D NVX Amplifier is highly efficient, allowing it to be scaled down to fit smaller spaces. The ported design of the 10” bass enclosure means you won’t lose sound from under the seat – thanks to the design, the cone has a greater air displacement – allowing for more volume in a smaller package. The placement under the seat also makes it more secure and less prone to theft or accidents.

The high sensitivity rating for power conversion and heavy duty die-cast aluminum alloy around the speakers prevents overheating – so the tunes will last through future Father’s Days.

The package comes with an install kit so Dad can start the party as soon as possible.

Pioneer DMH-1770NEX

For the Papa who listens to it all – this Pioneer stereo receiver boasts a 6.8” capacitive LCD touchscreen display with built in Bluetooth and smartphone capabilities (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto). This smooth tech integration and complimentary wireless remote means even the least tech-savvy father can navigate this media system. 

With an RMS of 22W x 4 channels, built-in amp, 3 sets of outputs for front, rear and sub speakers, plus auxiliary, USB inputs and Satellite radio ready – this receiver can handle any media format you want. Pioneer’s 13 band graphic equalizer gives a wide range of sound customization, giving dad the ability to tailor the sound to whatever mood he’s in.

The Pioneer DMH-1770NEX also handles phone calls and media through the car’s preexisting steering wheel controls. It’s built with a universal backup camera input, so Pops can be extra safe with kiddos in the car. But if they get bored, why not hook up a video game to the RCA terminals for backseat entertainment.

Victor-Fitness T-Force Massage Gun

Once dear ol’ dad is finished futzing with his presents, knock-out any aches with the T-Force Massage Gun. The two-handled, ergonomic design helps reach all those awkward places you usually can’t get to. 

This machine comes with 180 hours of battery life, built-in 10 minute shut-off timer and color indicated speeds from 1500-2400 RPM. No two dads are built the same, so the T-Force has 5 interchangeable heads for more pointed or muscle-group massages.

Use this tool to treat any type of dad – so he can keep taking care of you.