9 Conductor Speed Wire

If you’ve ever installed an amplifier in your car, you know how messy and how much work it can be to run multiple sets of speaker wire through your vehicle. 9 Conductor Speed Wire can make this process much easier; this speed wire contains 9 individually jacketed wires enclosed inside a protective outer PVC jacket and contains enough wire strands for 4 speakers and an amplifier turn-on wire. 9 Conductor speed wire comes in 18 & 22 gauge and uses the same color-coding system standard in most aftermarket products, which makes matching up wires to the correct speaker very easy. This wire really comes in handy in situations where you need four sets of speaker leads, like bypassing an old factory amplifier or adding a 4-channel amplifier to a radio without preamp outputs. Installing this wire is simple, trim the outer jacket as much as needed, connect the wires to your receivers speaker outputs, then run the cable to your amplifier and or speakers. Here at Sonic Electronix, we carry 9 conductor speed wire from top car audio manufacturers like EFX, Kicker, and Xscorpion and comes in various lengths ranging from 20-foot pre-cut pieces to 250-foot spools.

One of the top models we carry is the Xscorpion MC918.100, this 9 Conductor Expert Link Speed Cable is an 18 AWG 100-foot spool with a 22 x .20mm strand count. This wire is constructed with oxygen free copper that prevents oxidation and transfers the cleanest audio signal possible. The flexible, protective jacket has a blue color finish and adds to convenience to the installation. As with all Xscorpion cable & wire, it meets the American Wire Gauge (AWG) standards, which means it is true-to-gauge for ultimate performance.

Using 9 Conductor Speed Wire will make your installation go quickly and smoothly while giving your car audio sound system a very professional look. Eliminate the mess of running multiple speaker wires and enhance your system with 9 Conductor Speed Wire.