Upgrade the Audio 2010 Volkswagen GLI

Every year Bizrate awards the top rated retailers with a Circle of Excellence award. Recently they announced the 2011 winners and Sonic Electronix were named a winner of this prestigious award. What makes this so special is the amount of effort and customer service that goes into each and every order that a customer makes. Sonic has worked hard to ensure top notch customer service and plan to continue this tradition of quality help.

How does a company earn the Circle of Excellence award?

Top Notch Service: Retailers must go above and beyond the average amount of customer service. That means that every single phone call, email, facebook post, and other form of contact with Sonic is closely monitored and addressed.

Real Customer Feedback: Each rating on Bizrate comes straight from the customer. When using real world customers, the satisfactory rating of the company becomes real. The results are trustworthy ratings that provide an accurate customer service rating.

Only the Best Ratings: Bizrate only awards those with the highest ratings the Circle of Excellence award. That means the customer can be confident and comfortable in shopping with Sonic Electronix.

A Year of Perfection: Bizrate monitors online e-tailers from August to July. The 2011 Circle of Excellence award period lasted from August 1, 2010 to July 31, 2011. This provides the most accurate measure of a company’s customer service because it takes into account the previous year’s holiday season.

As SonicElectronix.com joins the 2011 Bizrate Circle of Excellence, it becomes another reason why they are the online solution for car audio, pro audio, headphones, and more!