TSU9400By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

If James Bond was shopping for a remote, he would probably want the Philips TSU9400. This universal remote is customizable for all-in-one control over your TV, DVD player, music, lights, and other appliances. It’s much more than your ordinary remote, as this remote includes a 3.5” touchscreen. Remember that scene in Hitch, where Eva Mendez is amazed at the way Hitch’s touchscreen remote can control the music and the lights? With the TSU9400, you too can amaze friends by controlling your entire hi-tech setup with the touch of a remote. When you’re entertaining guests, you can easily adjust the ambiance with a touch of the remote. The touchscreen and the easy scroll rotary wheel make the TSU9400 an easy to use remote interface for all of your appliances.

Designed by a team of installation experts, this remote was the product of thorough brainstorming and troubleshooting. In terms of practicality, this remote displays your most frequently used functions as prominent buttons on the touchscreen. As far as looks, this slender remote has a glossy black and a stylish silver exterior. Combined with illuminated buttons, this remote has a simple but elegant appearance. While other remotes may be able to control just as many devices, they are unlikely to be as thin as this model. Considering the number of devices it can control, it is incredibly slender and fits comfortably in your hand. Not to mention, it is programmable for both wired and wireless control throughout your entire house.

Beyond its wireless functionality, this fully customizable remote truly has Bond-like features. Its power management technology gives you plenty of options for turning the remote’s power on. You can turn the remote on by either tilting it, tapping the screen, pressing the backlight button or tapping the keys. Another feature that sets this remote apart from past designs is the integrated 2-way ProntoScript technology. The remote shows indicators based on feedback from the device it is controlling. Your remote will confirm whether the action was relayed to the device. For example, if you were sitting downstairs with the remote, it confirms that you successfully turned off the upstairs light via the remote. Another great thing about this remote is that it enables you to control multiple devices with a single touch. You can use a macro to pre-program multiple commands to a single button. With the press of a button you can dim the lights and cue the music, all while your guests look on in awe.

The TSU9400 is fully chargeable and can be set in its docking station when not in use. A remote like this is the finishing touch to a fabulous home entertainment system. What are you waiting for? Get your fully customizable universal wireless remote today!