Phantom Skull Series Car Speakers

Boss Audio prides itself on being a trendsetter in the car audio industry when it comes to the cosmetic design of their products. They produce a wide variety of car audio products such as headunits, power amplifiers, loudspeakers, subwoofers and more. Boss Audio designs their products to not only look good, but perform well too. This can be said for their newest line of speakers which is called the Phantom Skull Series. Here at Sonic Electronix, we carry the 4” x 6” SK462, 5-1/4” SK552, 5-1/4” 3-way SK553, and the most popular Boss Audio 6-1/2” SK652.

The Phantom Skull Series Car Speakers are very catchy to the eye with the custom tooled removable skull design tweeter cover. This cover is a chrome plated skull design with red eyes that light up to match the beat of the music. Boss Audio designed this to add some flavor and looks to any car audio system. Each set of speakers in this series is constructed with a black metallic poly injected cone, butyl rubber surrounds, and either a 1” mylar dome tweeter or 1” piezo tweeter (SK553 only). The metallic poly injected cone provides durability during long sessions of operation while the butyl rubber surrounds provide high amounts of excursion. A couple other shared features include a 1” high temperature aluminum voice coil and a 4 ohm impedance.

The Boss Audio SK462 is a 4” x 6” 2-way speaker system with each speaker featuring a peak power rating of 125 watts and and an RMS rating of 62.5 watts. The 2-1/8” mounting depth allows for easy mounting in almost any car that take 4” x 6” speakers. The phantom skull series SK552 is the 5-1/4” model that has 125 watts peak and 62.5 watts RMS in each speaker. This version has a very shallow mounting depth of 1-7/8” and has a frequency response of 85-20,000 Hz. The 3-Way SK553 features a 1” piezo dome tweeter and a 1” mylar dome midrange. This version is equipped with a peak power output of 137.5 watts and an RMS output of 67.5 watts for each speaker. The most popular model in this phantom skull series line is the 6-1/2” 2-way SK652. This version puts out a peak power rating of 150 watts and an RMS rating of 75 watts to each speaker. The SK652 has a 90 dB sensitivity, 65-20,000 Hz frequency response, and a 2-5/16” mounting depth.

No matter what vehicle you might have, there is a Boss Audio Phantom Skull Series Speaker System that will suit your every need. Sonic Electronix is an authorized internet dealer of all Boss Audio products so you can be assured that you will get most bang for your buck.