Rockford Fosgate T0D4-12

In this fast pace and constantly innovative world of Car Audio, only the best companies in the world are able to keep up with the numerous changes in technology in a way that sets them apart from other companies.  Rockford Fosgate is no exception to this rule. Rockford Fosgate has had their hands in the Car Audio industry since 1973 and has never looked back. In 2011 they have made some impressive innovations to their already popular Power Series sub-woofers.

To ensure that they are moving forward in their products, Rockford Fosgate has introduced in 2011 the new T0 Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer in their Power Series line which will come in a 10”, 12” and 15” model.  T0 subs will mirror the productivity, performance and design of the older Power Series, like the T1 and T2 without having the massive RMS power that comes with a T2 while still improving on the performance of the T1 and T2. The T0 Series will set the new standard for car subwoofer connectivity.

Rockford Fosgate Swift TechnologyThe Rockford Fosgate T0D4-12 will be one of the new subs in this series. The T0D4-12 will have a peak power of 1400W Max and an RMS of 700W. The most impressive addition and feature to this sub will be the new “Swift Terminals”. These terminals will allow for a nominal impedance of voice coils to quickly be configured in either a Series or Parallel wiring configuration. Essentially it will make wiring your sub or subs to their proper impedance level much easier because it will be all configured for you by the sub. This will allow for faster connections and also decrease the likeliness of wiring error which could potentially damage the sub. The CEA-2031 Compliancy confirms that you are getting an accurate power handling rating under a continuous current and not a peak or instantaneous current. T0D4-12 will follow its predecessors in design with the Anodized aluminum voice coil former, which unlike cheaper plastic or composite substitutions the anodized aluminum will ensure superior heat dissipation which will keep the sub cooler at higher sound pressure level conditions.  The VAST (Vertical Attach Sound Technique) technology used on this sub will create 25% more cone radiating area without compromising the design or installation of the woofer.  The Rockford Fosgate TOD4-12 Power Series will be the way to go in 2011 for simplicity, efficiency and that true “Power” name.