Monster Cable Beats by Dr. Dre SOLO HD Red Edition

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Getting the highest audio quality often comes with a high price tag.  It is common to think that the higher the price tags the higher the sound quality of the products.  While this is true, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t affordable, high-definition headphones available.  At Monster Cable, they live by the motto, “Life’s too short to listen to bad headphones”.  They strive to make audiophile grade audio products that will sound better than anything ever heard before.  But now it is more than just the music.  With Monster headphones, there is unity through music.  With the introduction of (PRODUCT) RED headphones, they are helping to fight AIDS.  It has become possible to fight AIDS and listen to high quality music at the same time.

This revolutionary merge is available in the Monster Cable Beats by Dre SOLO HD (PRODUCT) RED edition headphones.  The headphones themselves offer High Definition (HD) sound, proprietary titanium coated drivers, and ControlTalk.  The design is based around ease, travel, and good looks.  The tri-fold design folds the headphones into a compact shape and fit them snug in the included travel case.  A comfortable, lightweight design is ideal for those that spend a lot of time on the road, flying, or general traveling.  With looks this good, Monster made sure to protect it.  A scratch resistant glossy finish is used on the outside to keep the headphones looking brand new. The incredible features don’t stop with the headphones, but travel across the world.

Make a difference through music.  The Beats SOLO HD (PRODUCT) RED helps to eliminate AIDS in Africa.  Suddenly the price of the headphones doesn’t seem high enough when Monster is donating a portion of the proceeds directly to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS in Africa.  That means there is no middleman to filter some of the money.  Monster joins together to make the most of the donated money.  With (PRODUCT) RED Beats, saving lives never sounded so good!