This is Part 2 of this marine audio buying guide. For more information on marine speakers and subwoofers, take a look at Part 1. In this article, however, we will discuss the other important components of every marine audio system.

Marine Amplifiers

One crucial component for a great sounding audio system is a solid marine amplifier. Similar to marine speakers, these amps are specially made to ensure that they function well in an outdoor environment. As with any amplifier, they will provide your boat speakers the needed boost to sound great while cruising around.

Sonic Electronix supplies popular monoblock, 2-channel, 3-channel, 4-channel, 5-channel, and 6-channel marine amplifiers. Check out the specs, reviews, and descriptions to compare your options and to determine which will fit your system configuration. If you are looking to add a subwoofer, it would be wise to purchase a monoblock like the NVX VADM1. It’s incredibly compact and powerful. It produces 500W RMS in a tiny chassis. A 5-channel would also work well if you wanted to a subwoofer and speakers so you wouldn’t have to run your speakers off your less powerful head unit. Depending on how many speakers you want to add 2, 4, and 6 channel amplifiers would work perfectly with a new set of marine speakers.

Marine Stereos/Head Units

Although most boats will come with a factory stereo, many owners prefer to upgrade their head unit for more functionality or better performance. Boat stereos are typically mounted in the dashboard while others go in the cabin (for larger sized boats). You can also use a radio cover like the Belva BMRC6W to install a single DIN stereo anywhere you’d like. Since the head unit is going to be touched often, many times with moist or wet hands, they are durably coated and weather-resistant. 

Sonic Electronix carries marine stereos and radios in different shapes and sizes, including standard single DIN units, as well as gauge mount and custom fit stereos as well. If you are looking for something smaller, a Bluetooth remote might work perfectly. Having these different shaped and sized options help with placement choices for your particular vessel. Features like Bluetooth, AM/FM, Sirius satellite, and remote controls are also common to provide you all of your desired functionality. 

A stereo like the JVC KD-T91MBS is a very full-featured option with Bluetooth compatibility, it’s Sirius XM ready and it even has Amazon Alexa built-in and can be accessed with a simple push of a button.

Use our handy filters to narrow down your marine stereo search by brand, price, size, or other features.

Marine Audio Accessories

Updating and installing a new marine audio system can be an exciting endeavor. Depending on which components you are purchasing, you will likely need to consider the additional accessories to help with your installation.

For example, if you are buying a tower speaker, you will need to purchase mounting clamps if they do not come with your speaker. Items like speaker wire or grilles may also be on your shopping list. If you are upgrading your amplifier, you will need an amp kit like the XKIT42 from NVX.

Other common accessories include marine antennas, splash guards/radio covers, and batteries. Want to make your boat stand out from the crowd? Marine accent lights, light bars, and spotlights will take your boat to the next level! 

Other Marine Audio Buying Tips

As mentioned previously, it is imperative that everything you purchase for your boat is designed for marine use. Make sure your items say water-resistant, waterproof, UV-resistant, anti-corrosion or similar. Sonic Electronix only carries reputable brands and products that will provide you many years of entertainment.

Since boats come in all types of models, sizes and shapes, installing your system can require more planning than your typical vehicle installation. You may find yourself cutting out some paneling or having challenges running and hiding wires. Additionally, the movement of the boat hitting the water and waves can loosen fasteners so correct installation is crucial. Be sure to think through your entire system and plan prior to making your purchases. Proper planning can save you tons of time and minimize those types of challenges. You can also have a professional installer assist after you purchase your components.

Now that some common questions and considerations have been covered in our marine audio buying guide, you are well on your way to an amazing audio system. Keeping this information in mind, along with Sonic Electronix’s amazing selection of products and knowledge, you have the necessary tools to get your project going. We also understand that you may have additional questions so feel free to call or email us for assistance. We are looking forward to seeing you out in the water in the near future.