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Marine Audio Buying Guide Part 2: Amplifiers, Stereos, & Accessories

This is Part 2 of this marine audio buying guide. For more information on marine speakers and subwoofers, take a look at...

Top 3 Marine Stereo Deals at Sonic Electronix

Gearing up that boat for yet another fun filled summer? Tired of your marine audio system not measuring up to music you’re used...

Sony Marine/Boat CD MP3 Players

By Chelsey P. - Sonic Electronix Writer It may not feel like summer any more, but don’t let that discourage you from purchasing the latest...

Dual Marine Head Units & Stereos

By Gideon V. - Sonic Electronix Editor The calm and silence of nature is relaxing while at sea, but it is nice to have the...

Sony CDX-H905IP Marine Stereo

By Gideon V. - Sonic Electronix Editor Marine audio products are built to survive elements that regular electronics cannot handle, such as light rain, moisture...