So, you are in the market for some subwoofers.  When looking at all of the dual empty and loaded subwoofer boxes available, you have likely noticed that car audio manufacturers only sell options with two subs of the same shape and size. 

If you plan on building on your own box, you may have wondered whether or not you can install two subs of different sizes in the same box. In this article, we are going to take a look at how this might be possible and the reasons why you probably shouldn’t do so.

Can You Install Two Different Sized Subs in the Same Box? 

Technically, yes you can install two different sized subs in the same box. For example, let’s say you are making your own box and already have a 15” subwoofer and a 12” subwoofer. Rather than going out and buying a second woofer that matches one of those sizes, you might think about just installing the two different subs in that new box you are fabricating. 

If you make the appropriate cutouts you can install both sizes. The main question to consider is should you actually do so and what impact having those two different subs will have on your box’s performance.

Should You Install Two Different Sized Subs in the Same Box?

If you asked around to car audio experts, they will likely all say that you should not mix the subwoofer sizes or different brands in the same box. Although it is obviously possible to do so, you need to consider the effects of having two different sized subs in the same box will have on your car audio system. 

What’s the big deal? Won’t the box still work and sound good? When boxes are manufactured, there are numerous things that are taken into consideration. For example, a 15” subwoofer will not only handle more power than that of a 12” woofer, but it will also require more air space as well. Mixing those two subs together will make your box “out of tune” in a sense. 

The two subwoofers would be operating together in the same air space although they would run differently. The larger woofer would also be noticeably louder than the other and have a bigger presence in your vehicle.

If you really want to build a box or use one with two different sized subs, it would be highly recommended that you add a divider between the two so each has its own, separate chamber versus one open air space for both to share. Furthermore, you would also need to get two separate amplifiers that would correctly match the power handling of each woofer.

To conclude, while it is possible to install different sized subs in the same box, it is not recommended and will not help the sound of your system. Instead, it will likely lead to an in-balanced sound in your car. We always recommend to our customers to purchase identical subwoofers when installing two or more, that way the specifications will be perfectly matched.

If you are looking to save some time, take a look at our pre-built empty subwoofer enclosures. For even less labor you could also take a look at our loaded enclosures as well. Still have questions? Reach out today to our in-house experts for additional advice and tips!