Logitech Harmony 900

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Think of how many remotes that you have in your living room or your home theater room? You’ve got a television, a DVD player, a Blu-ray player, an audio/video receiver, a cable/satellite box, and the list goes on and on. With a remote for each of those devices, it is common to find five or six different remotes to control all of the electronics in these home theater rooms. But what if you could somehow combine all those remotes into a single remote that could control them all. That’s exactly what the award-winning Logitech Harmony 900 universal remote does. With the single Harmony900 remote, you can successfully program all of your electronics to obey the commands of this single, easy-to-use remote.

Ever since its release, the Harmony 900 universal remote from Logitech has received rave reviews and won many awards. Even the acclaimed CNET gave this remote an outstanding review by saying that “The Logitech Harmony 900 is, hands down, the best universal remote control we’ve ever tested”. So what is it that makes this remote so incredible? Why does everyone love it? The answer lies within it’s advanced features, simplified function, and ease of use. Utilizing the latest in IR and RF technology, this remote will allow you to control devices no matter what they are hiding behind. Glass doors, cabinet doors, or just sitting on the audio/video rack, this remote will be able to communicate with all of your devices. For systems that require the devices to turn-on in a particular order, this remote will power up your devices in the order that they need to be. It also features a bright full-color touch screen display and backlit buttons for ease of use in the dark. For convenience, Logitech has a charging dock included with the purchase to make sure that the remote is always charged and ready to perform when you need it to. The entire interface is user-friendly and the set-up does not take very long. As more devices are released each year, the home theater system becomes more advanced and we tend to add more to our entertainment systems. Blu-ray players, VHS/DVD combo units, a vinyl turntable, a TiVo or DVR unit all just a short list of the devices that frequent homes. The Logitech Harmony remote makes it easy to program a new device when you bring home the latest device for your home theater. With so many great features, it is hard to find anything wrong with this remote. Some people that do not have a lot of remotes lying around their house might not find this as useful as others. It is all about convenience with this universal remote. For me, there is no sense in keeping track of five, six, or more remotes, when I can have one remote to control them all!