Kicker iK150

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Make the most out of each morning with the Kicker iK150 alarm clock!  Not only is this docking station one of the finest alarm clocks on the market, but it is also a fantastic shelf system for an iPod or iPhone.  Being certified directly from Apple, this docking station will work perfectly with compatible iPods and iPhones.  Running out of batteries wont ever be a problem either since the iK150 charges docked iPods. It is even available in white and black models.

The Kicker iK150 has many features that separate this alarm clock from the standard alarm clock.  A dock on the top of the unit has an adjustable support that is fully compatible with iPods, iPod Touches, and iPhones.  Once docked, the device will charge and offer audio playback through the two full range speakers on the front.  These speakers are angled outwards slightly to give the music a wide, open feeling, while enhancing the overall acoustic sound stage.  To further improve the quality of the sound, each of the two speakers is separately enclosed to eliminate any phase problems that could interfere with the sound quality.  There is a powerful 20-watt Kicker amplifier inside the alarm clock to power the speakers, making them loud and clear.  Dual front ports help the sound achieve those deep, low bass notes.  For those that need quality sound, the Kicker iK150 will not disappoint.

Waking up has never been easier.  Even for those that are deep sleepers and have a hard time waking up in the morning, this powerful alarm clock is sure to be loud enough for you to hear.  Whether you choose to wake up to the traditional buzzer, an iPod, or the radio, you will have no more problems sleeping through your alarm.  The adjustable volume settings can be soft enough for just you to hear, or loud enough for your entire house to hear.  The iK150 also features dual alarms that allow you to set two alarms to go off in the morning.  These are conveniently, and more commonly, referred to as “his and hers” alarms.  Both you and your partner can share the same alarm clock, while each having your unique wake up time.