By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Since 1946, the Kenwood brand has been a leader in car audio and electronics. Their success is traced to their excellent product reliability. Throughout six decades they have consistently found ways to improve their designs and technology. This continued progress has enabled Kenwood to retain a top spot in the car audio industry.

Introducing the Kenwood KFC W3012 12” Subwoofer. If you want bass, BOOM, the KFC series subwoofer delivers 400 watts of RMS power. These subwoofers are designed with polypropylene cones to ensure tight bass. The sound definition is amazing on this Kenwood sub. Kenwood doesn’t sacrifice sound clarity for power, as many start-up brands seem to do. The KFC-W3012 subwoofer produces great audio clarity with plenty of power to back it up.

How does Kenwood do it? The answer lies in the KFC-W3012 design. The double-stacked magnet enhances excursion, enhancing peak excursion. The urethane foam surround and linear spider design also allow for increased peak excursion. This is why these subs produce an especially deep bass sound. The extended excursion capability allows this sub to handle low bass frequencies without damaging the cone. Less sophisticated subwoofer designs simply cannot compete with the KFC-W3012.

When it comes time to install the KFC-W3012, the silver gauge spring post terminals make it easy to wire and configure your subwoofer to an amplifier. Make sure you find an amplifier that can provide enough power for this booming subwoofer, especially because it is a single voice coil model that runs at a 4 ohm load. As long as you supply enough power, this subwoofer will thump loud and clear.

To get full performance from this Kenwood sub, you should install the sub in a sealed or ported enclosure. For sealed enclosures, use a box ranging from 0.75 cubic feet to 1.75 cubic feet. For ported enclosures, use a box ranging from 1-2 cubic feet. Using a box is a must if you want your subwoofer to produce optimal performance. You can choose from professionally constructed sub boxes or build your own. Also of note: the Kenwood KFC-W3012 has been designed with a shallow mounting depth for easier installation.