By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

On average, for every 26 seconds that passes, a car is stolen. Losing a vehicle to theft causes enormous costs, so it is wise to equip your vehicle with a car alarm. Viper brand car alarms are top of the line models designed to prevent vehicle theft.

The latest edition of the Viper 5901 Responder, the LC3, is a 2-way LCD pager remote start alarm with 1-mile range. As a 2-way pager car alarm, as long as you are with 1-mile, the Respond LC3 remote will alert you immediately of any vehicle interference. This is great because you will be able to check on your vehicle from the palm of your hand.

You also have the option of setting the actual car alarm siren to silent mode while setting the remote set to alert you of any vehicle disturbance. Whether or not your alarm is silent, if it is disturbed, when you unlock your doors, the LC3 indicates the exact type of interference, such as: “Shock Sensor.” The silent mode is great if you don’t need a traditional siren noise. For example, if your vehicle is in an area where the alarm might be accidentally triggered and cause a loud noise disturbance. Since you are alerted via your remote, if you know you will have your remote with you, then that should be enough of a preventative measure.

This remote start system is so sophisticated that it even indicates the temperature inside of your vehicle. With the 2-way remote, you can check the temperature and wait to enter your vehicle until it reaches a pleasant temperature. The Responder LC3 will even give an audible tone or vibration signal as a periodic reminder that your vehicle is running.

This third edition model features a larger screen and a rechargeable battery with a built-in charging port for extended use. This remote start system also includes one 2-way LC3 remote and a 1-way Supercode SST one mile range remote. The 5901 also features the latest Priority User Interface technology. You can set the three most important icons to appear in the center of the screen, and they will appear three times larger than the other commands.

The Viper 5901 LC3 Responder is a great car alarm because it uses the best available vehicle security technology. This model features superior alarm performance and added measures for simplified installation.