Rearview Back-up Cameras

By Chelsey P – Sonic Electronix Writer

In the world of large and small vehicles, back-up cameras have become essential to everyday driving life. It has become a great tool for avoiding the dreaded blind spot. Rearview back up cameras were originally designed to attach to the rear of the vehicle, helping the driver in backing up without hitting something. There are many different types of rearview cameras to choose from such as a remote mount camera and license plate frame. These two versions provide you with multiple options for mounting your new back-up camera.

First, the remote mount option allows you install it just about anywhere on the back of your vehicle. Remote mount back-up cameras are ideal for someone who wants to be discrete when it comes to adding accessories onto their vehicle. They allow you to mount the camera anywhere on the back of the car, from one side of the bumper to the other. Many of the remote mount cameras come with a wide angle view and weather resistant housing, like the Audiovox CMOS2. The wide angle allows for a better view while backing up and with the weather proof housing, you will not have to worry about it breaking in the rain. Not only are there universal rearview cameras, but there are brand name ones as well. JVC makes a specific back-up camera that provides the best possible picture on the screen. The JVC KV-CM1 is compatible with many of the Double DIN head units that feature a composite video input. There are many benefits to having a remote mount camera, including diverse mounting options and discrete locations on where to put them.

license plate rearview cameras
As for license plate rearview cameras, there are two different types. One is the license plate frame with a camera built-in and the second is a universal bar-type back up camera. Each of these cameras has their own features and benefits that go along with them. The license plate frame is mounted around your entire license plate and has a camera on the top of it. The Boyo Vision VTL200C is a chrome license plate with a color CMOS camera providing you with amazing clarity. The bar-type camera is a little different then the full frame. With the simple installation, it allows you to cover just the top of the license plate for a beautiful and sleek design. Again, rearview cameras make a great addition to any vehicle whether it is a teenager’s first car, or just because you want to be safe with everyday driving.