JVC Nav Systems

This year at CES 2011 we learned more about JVC’s new flagship navigation units, the KW-NT30HD, and the KW-NT50HDT. Not only will these carry on the Total Traffic HD+ Network from their previous flagship model, the KW-NT3HDT, but they’ll have the first aftermarket manufacturer to bring connectivity with the iheartradio mobile application. This mobile radio application is a convenient way to bring all of your favorite radio stations from around the world into a simple mobile phone application. With this new integration technology you will be able to view song and artist information, high-resolution album artwork, and control channel up or down functions from the navigation unit or from the iPhone itself.

The KW-NT50HDT will also feature a built-in dual HD tuner system, which can feature audio content on one HD radio tuner, and support the HD Total Traffic Network Data on the other. This will allow the user to simultaneously listen to HD radio programming, while also receiving traffic information at the same time. Another cool feature the KW-NT50HDT will also feature Hybrid Total Traffic HD+ Network (Available in June 2011) functionality which enables users to get HD Total Traffic Network service in even more areas. When you have an iPhone connected while running the iheartradio app, the KW-NT50HDT receives news, sports, weather and real-time traffic information over your cell phone network – even outside of HD radio coverage areas.

This innovating breakthrough for mobile audio and video is exciting as we see even more playback options being available for a seamless experience in your vehicle. When we spoke with JVC they seemed very excited about being the first manufacturer to integrate iheartradio into their flagship navigation systems. With more than 11.5 million consumers using the iheartradio mobile application you can experience more than 750 of America’s favorite local radio stations, as well as unique celebrity-hosted channels from Christina Aguilera, Eagles, and Weezer. Local traffic reports and commercial-free shows from Ryan Seacrest, Elvis Duran and the some of the best DJs and hosts from across the country.