In-Dash GPS Receivers are the ultimate when it comes to convenience in car stereos. In past years, to have an in-dash car stereo display navigation information you could either purchase a stereo with navigation abilities built-in, or stereos that feature technology that is “ready” for add-on navigation modules. JVC simplified the latter with their latest release of information at CES 2011. On select 2011 JVC In-Dash A/V Receivers you’ll now have the option to use a select iPhone application that will display navigation maps directly on your car stereo.

This integration was made possible by the iPhone application, MotionX-GPS. This application can be loaded up onto your compatible iPhone along with select JVC A/V stereos to display navigation maps directly onto the car stereo. Input commands will not be available through touch-screen operation and will instead be updated on the iPhone itself, so passenger use is recommended when using this exciting new technology. This new technology is a superior alternative to traditional in-car systems with limited updating options. iPhone applications have the ability to be updated at any time by the application developers, so you’ll have constant technical attention from developers as well.

Not only will you have access to the maps directly on the car stereo, but with compatible JVC A/V receivers you can also use Live Voice Guidance integration which will allow the user to have navigation commands relayed through your car speakers. This convenient technology will basically integrate features found on much more expensive navigation models for a much more low price. Another great value of this new technology is a much easier installation. Now, with this MotionX-GPS technology instead of having to remove your car stereo to install a secondary GPS module, you can simple plug-in your iPhone after downloading the application from your integrated application store. iPhone integration with 2011 JVC in-dash car stereos is now more convenient and affordable than ever!