IX Amp Stacking

Properly designing a car audio system requires some thought. Choosing each component for your audio system can prove to make or a break a system in some aspects. Anything from the required enclosure size of your woofer to the available space you have for your amplifiers can vastly change your entire plan for the car audio setup. Meticulously designing every last detail can cause a headache, and dealing with an ever-so-limited space such as a 4-door sedan can end up with you frustratingly deciding to just throw all of the equipment into your vehicle so you can get on to the main point – hearing your new components.

If you’ve been one to quickly throw together an audio system so you can get to hearing everything, you’re definitely not alone. Many decide against the clean installation they once sought after as soon as they stand up against all of its challenges. Mounting an amplifier can be difficult, but what about when you have to mount two? One reasonable solution to consider to help take a huge step out of your design plan is to use amplifier stacking kits. These stacking kits work with compatible amplifiers so you can cleanly mount one amplifier on top of another. This can be useful when trying to save another area for your subwoofer enclosure, or another electrical component like a car audio capacitor.

Amplifier stacking kits make installation with a lot of popular amplifiers much easier! All you need to do is wire your speakers or subwoofer up, and perhaps mount your subwoofer enclosure. Finally, designate your area for amplifier mounting and mount your first amp. When you have a compatible amplifier stacking kit and amplifier, the next step is to simple screw or drill on your next amplifier securely and you’re installation is finished! Now you can quickly throw together your new car audio system and still impress everyone with the extra finesse you put into mounting your amplifiers.