It’s hard to get your swoll on at the gym when all you hear is seventeen different remixes of a Justin Bieber song.  In order to save your ears from the horrors of modern day music you should consider getting some sort of sports headphones. However, there are lots that suck to put it frankly.  If you’re looking for ones that wont give you buyer’s remorse, then consider any in-ear headphones by Jaybird.  They have recently released several models of Bluetooth headphones that are sure to put you in the zone while you work out those things you call muscles.

Freedom Sprint

JayBird JF4MBL Freedom Sprint

The Freedom Sprint is an upgraded and more compact version of the original Freedom Bluetooth headphones.  I’ve tried these out personally at the gym and was very satisfied when I phased out all of the juice heads and dude-bros. I’m just like, “Do they even lift?” All of the controls are easily configured on the right earpiece for functions such as play, pause, answer/end phone calls, and skip tracks which means you never have to touch your phone during your work out. They are extremely comfortable in your ear and won’t come out of your ear even if you decide to do twelve backflips in a row. They come with a plethora of different ear tips so even if you have elf ears you’ll be able to find a pair that works for you. Did I mention that they sound really good too?


JayBird BlueBuds X
JayBird BlueBuds X

The Jaybird BlueBuds are the newest addition to the Bluetooth family. These little guys are even more compact than the Freedom Sprints.  Unlike the Sprints, the BlueBuds have an in-line controller for all music and phone call functionality and have management clips for the cord to contour to the shape of your head.  If you’re lazy about charging, then you’ll be happy to know that they have 8 hours of play time for extended workout use. Both the Sprints and the BlueBuds are sweat-proof which means you can excrete as much sweat as you want on these headphones and they will be unscathed. The Bluebuds are definitely at the fore-front of Blueooth in-ear headphones.

Whether you’re running a marathon or punching slabs of meat, you and your ears will be happy.