Wakeboard tower speakers are powerful speakers designed to be loud enough to hear over the sounds of the motors and the waves.  They are a great accessory that will enhance your entire boating experience.

For those of you who have a boat and are looking to install tower speakers, there are a number of steps and things to take into consideration. Here is our guide on how to install tower speakers correctly on a boat. 

Required Tools (may vary depending on boat and equipment):

  • Tower Speakers & Mounting Clamps
  • Drill & Drill Bits (including step drill bit)
  • Wire Crimpers and Strippers
  • Braided Wire Loom and Tesa Tape
  • Large Zip Ties or Wire Snakes
Our detailed hands-on video on how to install tower speakers

1. Plan Out the Install and Speaker Locations

Before starting the installation process, its good to spend time properly planning out your installation. Take a look at your tower for the ideal positioning of the speakers. Is your tower collapsible? If so, keep that in mind as the speakers and wiring may get in the way when folding if placed on the wrong side of the tower itself. In most cases, tower speakers will be mounted in the center of the tower itself. Next, visualize where your wiring will run in relation to where your amplifier is mounted. 

2. Drill the Necessary Holes and Run the Wires

First, you will want to drill a pilot hole so when you drill the larger hole, you won’t slip and scratch the tower. When drilling these holes, it might be nice to have someone hold a box underneath to catch any metal shavings. Next, use your step drill bit on your drill to make your holes the proper size. Depending on your speaker, you will need roughly a ¾” size hole. If your boat has never had tower speakers installed previously, you will also need to drill holes of the same size at the base of the tower so you can feed the wires through to your amplifier. From there, you will need to snake the speaker wires down through the tower itself. One easy way of doing this is by using large zip ties (ex. tape multiple 48” zip ties together) to fish the wire down. Simply tape the speaker wire to the end of the last zip tie then start to feed it through. Make sure you pull out ample wire to reach your amplifier location.

3. Connect and Mount Your Speakers to the Tower and Amplifier

With your wiring pulled through the tower, it’s time to connect the speaker wire as well as the power wire for the LEDs, if your speaker has them. Once done, use the mounting clamps to mount your speakers in place on the tower. 

TIP: It is helpful to have another person available to help you hold the speakers up while you connect the wires.

Finally, connect the speaker wires to your amplifier. Prior to cleaning up your wiring and install, give your new speakers a test to ensure all components are functioning as expected. Once confirmed, tidy up your wiring for a professional look. 

There you have it, newly installed tower speakers that are ready to rock! Following these steps and tips will help ensure a smooth install. A few last things to keep in mind:

  • All towers, boats, and tower speakers are different so installation steps and required tools may vary. 
  • Some towers are pre-wired for tower speakers (this would eliminate a step and saves time)

For a step by step look at this process, watch our helpful video on our youtube channel. Also, be sure to visit our website for all of your other marine audio needs.