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How to Install Boat Speakers

Adding new speakers to your boat is a great way to take your on-water experience to another level. Not only will quality...

How to Install Tower Speakers on a Boat

Wakeboard tower speakers are powerful speakers designed to be loud enough to hear over the sounds of the motors and the waves. ...

Marine/Boat Speakers: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

There is nothing like cruising on the water in your boat with the sun shining and music playing. However, you can not...

Marine Audio Buying Guide Part 1: Speakers & Subwoofers

Having a boat provides a sense of freedom and adventure as you cruise your local waterways. Unfortunately, most boats are not always...

Sony CDX-H905IP Marine Stereo

By Gideon V. - Sonic Electronix Editor Marine audio products are built to survive elements that regular electronics cannot handle, such as light rain, moisture...