Mechman Alternator 11402240
Mechman Alternator 11402240

Most cars off the lot come with a standard stock alternator. Sadly, this alternator may not have enough umph to support the modern features that weren’t typical in older vehicles. You’ll need a high powered alternator for your high powered modern vehicle. Consider purchasing a high output alternator.

What is a high output alternator?

A high output alternator increases the amperage within an electrical system. What makes the high output alternator essential to modern vehicles is it saves battery power and provides proper electrical output. While the high output alternator is in use, it sends back more amps back to the battery’s reserve. A high output alternator is recommended for any vehicle with added accessories.

Should I consider the size of my alternator?

When looking for a high output alternator, make sure you consider the size of it, especially if you are replacing a stock alternator. Most high output alternators are larger than the stock alternator. Because of the size difference, most high output units fail to produce the proper power because of these restraints. 

Different types of high output alternators

High output alternators are not designed equally. Some high output alternators designed for upgraded audio components. High output alternators are not installed only for car audio. Even swapping windows from manual to automatic will require more power and help from a better alternator.

When considering buying a high output alternator, keep in mind the intended purpose for the upgrade. On top of that, make sure you buy the proper alternator as to not destroy it only after a couple of years. If you would like to learn when you should replace your alternator, check out our post on the topic.