If you are in the market for a new radio system in your vehicle, then consider purchasing a satellite radio. Satellite radios allow you to listen to any station wherever you are without any interruptions.

One of the largest players in the satellite radio field is SiriusXM. Their satellite radio service is versatile and can be played in not only your vehicle but your home and office as well. Before purchasing your own SiriusXM Satellite Radio, consider these 5 facts on exactly the radio has to offer.

1. How satellite radios work

Before you buy a SiriusXM Satellite, let’s discuss how satellite radios work. Satellites bounce the signals back to all the radio signals including the one your car. Once the signal reaches your car, the receiver unscrambles the information into 170 different channels. Your receiver then decodes additional information, including song titles, artist titles, show titles, and other information.

SiriusXM SXV

2. The benefits of satellite radios

There are numerous benefits of satellite radio. You get to have crystal clear sound quality wherever and whenever including your car and home. With SiriusXM Satellite Radio, you can listen to static-free content wherever you are in the country.

3. There are a couple of ways to play SiriusXM in your car

There are a few ways to get SiriusXM radio in your car. One of the ways to get SiriusXM in your car is a tuner. The SiriusXM SXV300v1 plugs into any SiriusXM ready vehicle. There are also plug-and-play tuners, such as the SiriusXM Onyx Plus, that allows you to take your tuner out of your vehicle and into your home. 

SiriusXM Onyx Plus

4. You can listen to it anywhere at any time

One of the many perks of SiriusXM is the ability to listen to it wherever you are as long as you have a SiriusXM account. You can access your account multiple streaming platforms including on your Roku, Amazon products, and most smart TVs.

5. Tons of content to listen to

SiriusXM truly has content for everyone Whether you are looking for score updates on your favorite or want to listen to Howard Stern’s radio show, SiriusXM has it all for you. Browse their over 170 channels to find the content that best fits your mood.