When you’re in the market to upgrade systems for your car, a backup camera is a relatively inexpensive addition. This will bring your vehicle up to date with all others on the road.

Congress passed a law in 2008 requiring the adoption of technology to greatly improve rearview visibility. The Department of Transportation announced the camera requirement in 2014 with a few years to prepare until the deadline in 2018.

Backup accidents kill more than 200 people each year and injure thousands. 

A backup camera shows you a real-time image of what is going on behind you, that’s activated when your car is in reverse. 

This device is perfect for those hard to see blindspots and decreases your chances of getting into a fender bender. For cars that come with a touchscreen receiver, hooking up a back-up camera should be easy.

If you want to replace your stereo with a touchscreen receiver, why not include a back-up camera? Sonic Electronix, we carry a wide variety of touchscreen receivers and back-up cameras that fit most vehicles. The website’s garage function will help you shop for equipment that fits your make and model. 

BOYO Vision VTK230HD

A car that does not come with a dash screen, you can either install one or purchase a monitor or even swap out your rearview mirror for one with a camera view capability. Some back-up cameras can be streamed directly to your smartphone.

How do you want to mount your back-up camera?

  • License plate mounting: these cameras fit into most license plate brackets. The strap-over mount offers a universal fit and is fastened in by screws.
  • Lip mounting: If your car has an inset on the trunk, then consider a lip mounted camera which would sit on the back end of your car.
  • Bracket mounting: Using a bracket to mount your rear-view camera allows you to mount your camera wherever you see fit. 

Features to consider

  • Size and weather proofing
  • Night vision BOYO Vision VTL17IR. Promises for 30 feet of clearance in the pitch black.
  • Parking guides. The Alpine HCE-C2100RD shows guidelines that flex with the movement of your vehicle.
Alpine HDR Rear View Camera HCE-C2100RD

What’s Next?

So, you found the back-up camera that works for you and you are ready to install it – Visit “How do I can install a back-up camera?”