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Hertz Audio, a leader in high-end mobile audio products, including amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers, began in 1998 and has grown into an award-winning manufacturer that is trusted by audiophiles all over the world. The brand was launched by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of car audio products, Elettromedia, based in Italy. The Elettromedia company has been manufacturing top quality products since 1979. 

When Hertz Audio hit the market in 1998, they came out with a complete line-up of woofers, tweeters, midrange speakers and more with the name Hi-Energy. Products like the HT 19 and HT 25 were developed, along with their Tetolon dome tweeters. Within a year, their HBX subwoofer boxes launched and featured a unique, asymmetrical design. 

Beginning in 2001, Hertz Audio released its Air Mille series and Space woofers, soon after taking home the European Imaging and Sound Association Award (or EISA Award) for the best mobile electronics loudspeaker. Over the next five years, products like the Dieci, the first entry-level low-cost line in the Hertz speaker world, and the new Mille line with V-cone technology were released.

In 2006, the launch of the HP 1KD and the Mille subwoofer received rave reviews. The HP 1KD brought a high power amplifier to the market that won the 2007 Innovations Award at CES in Las Vegas. The ML 3000 sub also won the same award as well as the 2007-2008 EISA Award.

Hertz HMS 10 B-C2

Over the next decade, Hertz Audio pumped up the production and innovation with new speakers, amplifiers, and products. As the brand continued to grow and evolve, new verticals were introduced. In 2016, Hertz Audio launched its Marine and Powersports lines. Products like tower speakers, marine speakers, and marine amplifiers became available to clients across the world.

In the last few years, products and series like DPower, Mille Power and Hertz Cento have provided fans with some high-quality options for their audio systems. As an example, EISA awarded Hertz Audio’s Mille Legend ML 2500.3 the best in-car subwoofer for 2016-2017. For 2017-2018, the H8 DSP won the award for the best in-car integration. They continue to produce some of the best subwoofers, speakers, and amplifiers in the car audio industry.

Hertz CS 300 S4

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