Historically, subwoofers have been enclosed in massive boxes that take up your entire trunk or hatch space; now, many brands are attempting to appeal to larger audiences by supplying more compact options such as under the seat subwoofers. But, are they really any good?

Advantages to Using Under the Seat Subwoofers

The first advantage is fairly obvious, they are incredibly compact and practical. These units take up much less space in comparison to other sub boxes. You can easily stow them away underneath your seat in a space that would normally go completely unused. It is important to note that these compact enclosures can also be installed elsewhere such as your trunk or hatch. Where you install it is completely up to you and your preferences. These are a great option for pickup trucks, hatchbacks, coupes, and other smaller vehicles who don’t have much interior storage capacity.

Another advantage of these types of enclosures is their ease of installation. Under the seat subwoofers are typically loaded and amplified which makes it easier on you because the amplifier, subwoofer, and enclosure were all specifically designed for one another. We even offer the NVX QBUS8v2 with the amp kit included for under $150.

How Well do Under the Seat Subwoofers Perform and Sound?

One concern people have when considering under the seat subwoofers is whether or not they perform well, are loud enough and have enough bass for their liking. While they may not be as powerful as a full-sized subwoofers, they are very comparable in performance to that of most shallow mount subwoofers. Under the seat subwoofers were made for the individual that is just looking to add some extra bass and get better sound quality in the low-end frequencies than what they are currently getting from just their speakers. You will hear a massive difference in your overall performance of your sound system by delivering a more well-rounded sound quality, thus making your daily commute much more enjoyable.

Our Picks for Under the Seat Subwoofers


Regular Price: $119.99

This is a great affordable option for anyone who wants to add some bass to their system and doesn’t want to break the bank. What separates the QBUS from other compact bass solutions is the acoustic performance and quality of the construction. While it won’t shake your rearview mirror off, the low-end response of the QBUS is perhaps best described as strikingly powerful; the tight, crisp bass carries a strong presence without overpowering the more delicate frequencies. This compact bass system also includes the bass knob while many other manufacturers will sell them as an add-on.

Purchase the QBUS8v2 with the amp kit included

Infinity BassLink SM

Regular Price: $299.95

The BassLink SM powered subwoofer is purpose-engineered to fit under the seat of many vehicles, and compliments a car audio system’s full-range speakers with modest bass. Its slim-profile, 8″ woofer delivers low-frequency enhancement from a shallow-profile enclosure. A crossover control and flexible EQ adjustments let you tune the BassLink SM to your system, your car’s acoustic environment and your listening preferences.

Purchase the BassLink SM with the amp kit included

Cerwin Vega VPAS12 & VPAS10

Regular Price: $189.99 – $209.99

These subwoofers offer an incredible amount of power for their small form factor. While most Under Seat subwoofers only are offered in 8” options, the VPAS series from Cerwin Vega come in both 12” and 10”. This allows them to produce significantly more bass at 250 and 200 Watts RMS respectively. Similar to the QBUS8v2 these bass packages also offer an included bass remote in the box. 

Purchase the VPAS10 with the amp kit included

For most people, one of these under seat subwoofers would be the perfect addition to their current car audio system. The difference that these subs would offer would be noticeable almost immediately and you don’t have to sacrifice all of your storage space in order to install one.