GRE PSR-310 Handheld Analog Trunking Scanner

Here at Sonic Electronix, we are always looking for reliable manufacturers that produce high quality products. We do this to ensure we have any and everything our customers are looking for or may need. GRE (General Research of Electronics INC) is one of those manufacturers we now carry and we are also an authorized internet dealer of their incredible products. GRE is a Japan based manufacturer that was established in 1961 with their headquarters located in Tokyo. In 1977, GRE made its way over to America and created GRE America INC with its headquarters located in sunny California. They specialize in radio and telecommunication products including radio scanners, antennas, GPS devices, and satellite equipment. My focus today will be on one of their high quality radio scanners.

The GRE PSR-310 is a multi system handheld analog trunking scanner with upgradable CPU firmware. This handheld scanner is simple to operate but powerful enough to satisfy the most refined expert. Its powerful and flexible scan list functionality allows you to arrange, group, and scan object according to your preference with no limit to the number of scan lists. This PSR310 lets you store over 1800 conventional channels, trunking talkgroups, search configurations and spectrum sweeper objects in any combination. It is also equipped with an exclusive programmable multi-color alert LED that will illuminate or flash when certain objects are active, programmable audible alarms that can be configured to sound when certain objects are active, full dot matrix bitmap LCD display, white LED backlight for LCD display and much more. This scanner also will keep you protected and warned about any type of weather hazards with the integrated SAME & All Hazards Weather Alerting. This alert system will provide severe weather and other hazard alerts in the specified areas, also, it allows you to check your local NOAA weather frequency.

This versatile handheld trunking scanner allows the user to start out with small, easy to manage configurations, and expand at anytime one you master this device. The combination of the price and features make this radio scanner a great buy.