Smartphone technology has taken off within the past two years, and many companies are jumping on-board to release applications to help familiarize users with their services. Kicker has long been associated with manufacturing quality products and doing their best to ensure that their users know how to use the equipment properly. In order to take a larger step towards educating customers about car audio setups, they have released a new smartphone application available on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

The application highlights different diagrams and Kicker specific products and allows you to have a knowledgebase of Kicker products directly onto your iPhone or iPod touch. Their wiring wizard allows you to view how different car audio setups should be wired. First you’re presented with different options such as how many subwoofers you’ll be using and what is your desired impedance. It’s a great way to check compatibility between subwoofers and amplifiers.

Using smartphones for research has become much more popular than ever with new smartphone browsing capabilities. Now you can use Kicker’s iPhone application to look up specifications of different Kicker subwoofers. Updated for the 2011 year the Kicker iPhone application even highlights the newly released L3. Not only does it provide detailed information such as mounting depth and power handling, but you’ll also be able to look up the Thiele and Small Perimeters to truly research subwoofers specifications.

Finally, you’ll have an option to build a custom box for different Kicker subwoofers, and even put together a Kicker recommended box for their subwoofers to get optimal bass response. This can help with putting a vehicle specific enclosure into your vehicle and still have it built to Kicker’s specifications for the best bass response. You have the option to input your dimensions and tuning frequency to calculate how to build the box to perfect specifications. The application even advises whether the specifications will match Kickers recommended specifications or not.