Sonic Electronix is always looking for ways to pass some extra savings on to their customers. Another way to save money at Sonic Electronix is to join their online community and take advantage of member only discounts. Below are some of the many benefits to joining this online forum.

Exclusive Member Only Discounts

One of the biggest perks of joining the Sonic Electronix Forum is the members-only coupons and discounts. Periodically, extra savings are passed on to the forum members to thank them for their participation in the online community. These discounts include a specific percent off of particular items, such as a recent 20% off of RE Audio XTX car amplifiers. Once you become a member, a new forum will appear at the top of the main forum page for Members-Only Coupons and Discounts.

Expert Knowledge

If you have a question, we have a forum member that can help! The Sonic forum community is a very helpful and very experienced community. Many industry veterans and professional installers frequently visit the forums to share their knowledge. If you are in need of some expert advice, join the forums and get your questions answered!

Car Audio Tutorials and Installation Help

If you are getting ready to start your next car audio project, check out the forum for Car Audio Tutorials and Installation Guides. The threads in this forum are designed to teach you the best method to install particular components, tune your system, and a variety of other related installation tips. If you have experience and would like to post tutorials to help others, feel free to share your insight.

Help Others

If you are an expert (or just have a little experience) on any of the subjects in the forums, we encourage you to provide your insight to the questions that people have. There is no feeling quite like helping someone out and teaching them how to do something. The forums provide an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge with the world!