Sonic Exclusive Deals

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Online shopping is all about finding the best deal and keeping more money in your pocket.  The less money you have to spend on a product, the more money you can put towards other things in your life.  Finding the best deal should be fast, easy, and simple.  That is one reason why Sonic Electronix strives to constantly provide the best deals and prices on their products.  But now, they have taken their money saving deals a step further and introduced their Sonic Electronix Exclusive deals.  On select products, you will see an official seal of an exclusive Sonic Electronix deal.  Sonic continually strives to get the best deals and pay the savings on to their customers and this is just another way to save some money!

One example of a Sonic Electronix Exclusive is the Eclipse CD1200G. With Eclipse currently not manufacturing any car audio products, they have become harder to find.  While the quality of these products is still top-notch and highly reliable, they have become rare. However, due to Sonic Electronix’s industry relationships and manufacturer relationships, Sonic continues to be the only seller of this item.  Nowhere else will this item be found and at the low price that Sonic Electronix offers, this is an incredible deal for a double din car stereo.

Other Exclusive deals that are available only at Sonic Electronix are their combo packages.  They offer Pre-Configured Bass Systems that include a subwoofer, an amplifier, and the enclosure matched to the subwoofer’s specifications.  These Subwoofer and Amp Combos are the easiest and fastest way to put together a bass system that is guaranteed to play loud and greatly enhance the audio quality any vehicle.  Along the same lines, they offer the Car Speaker and Amplifier combos that match speakers to an appropriate amplifier.  Most recently, they have added their All Inclusive Car Audio Combos that include everything to install a quality aftermarket car audio system. When it comes to the best deals, Sonic Electronix is a step ahead of the rest.