Alpine SWR-T12 Type-R Shallow Mount Subwoofers

By Ricky C. – Product Specialist

With Car Audio, space is always of the essence.  Ampifiers today are getting smaller and smaller.  PowerBass has been known for producing high powered amplifiers, and recently have revamped their entire series to adapt to any footprint required. PowerBass has hopped on the digital chipset bandwagon and produced their brand new 2010 XAX Mini Amplifier Series.  Combining Class D technology with Digital Sound Optimization Circuitry, these amplifiers give you plenty of power in a small easy to manage chassis.

PowerBass has introduced an entire line up of these Digital Class D Amplifiers; two monoblock amplifiers, two multi-channels, and a powerful 5 Channel amplifier.  Key technologies have been meticulously developed, such as their newly incorporated High Damping Control Circuit.  This provides outstanding control over mid-bass and subwoofers for finer clarity.  Another exciting implemented feature to their entire XAX Mini Series is the Ultra Low Current Draw.  This means the amplifiers generate less heat, and have more power included even in this small footprint amplifier.  These amplifiers Ultra Low Current Draw provides these XAX Mini Series amplifiers with roughly an 85% efficiency rating.

The XAX Mini Amplifier series showcases with its Monoblock line – all with included variable remote gain control knobs.  The larger monoblock amplifier, the PowerBass XAX-1200D outputs 1200W RMS at 1 Ohm!  This impressive power, combined with the ultra small chassis and efficiency truly displays the options you have with the XAX Mini Amplifiers.

The series continues with their multi-channel options, a 4-Channel, and a 2-Channel amplifier.  Both provide 100W RMS at 4 Ohms, and 160W RMS at 2 Ohms, to 4-channels and 2-channels perceptively.  Their most versatile XAX series multi-channel option introduced is their 5-Channel amplifier, the PowerBass XAX-5640FD.  Combining the output abilities of the 4-channel, this amplifier is pushing 100W RMS at 4 Ohms to four different channels. The subwoofer channel provides even more options, outputting 200W RMS at 4 and 2 Ohms.

Yesterday, the SonicElectronix blog introduced Sonic Exclusive Deals. The PowerBass Monoblock series is showcased within a few of these Exclusive Packages.  One particular package that showcases the Exclusive Deals would be the 1000W PowerBass and Rockford Fosgate bass package. This Sonic Exclusive Deal includes two Rockford Fosgate 12” P2 Subwoofers, powered by the PowerBass XAX-500D.