Pioneer AVH-P5200BT + AVIC-U220 Navigation Package

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Shopping today is all about saving money.  We try to find the best deals as a way to keep more money in our pockets and get exactly the product that we want.  In times like this, it is difficult to spend our hard earned money, only to find the items we bought cheaper somewhere else. With Sonic Electronix, we never have to worry about this problem because we know that we are getting the best price every time. Sonic is consistently trying to find the best deals and pass them on to their customers. Recently they have been creating combo packages that not only save money, but also give the customer exactly what they want. You might have read the recent blog about the subwoofer and amplifier combos. Another combo that Sonic Electronix is putting together is a car stereo and navigation combo.

There are many car stereo manufacturers that make in-dash stereos with the option to have navigation added. Since some people might enjoy all the features that the unit has to offer but don’t want to pay for navigation, companies such as Pioneer have created add-on GPS navigation modules that can be attached to the stereo. Consider the Pioneer AVH-P5200BT + AVIC-U220 Navigation Package. The AVH-P5200BT is a single DIN stereo with a 7” flip out display. It has incredible sound quality with the 8-band equalizer, Advanced Sound Retrieval (ASR), and the optional Touch AutoEQ. Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic audio decoders enhance the audio playback from compatible sources and make watching movies that much more enjoyable. For those that only want the standard features, the Pioneer AVH-P5200BT is available. For those that want to upgrade the already impressive unit to include GPS navigation, Sonic Electronix offers the combo package designed for this.  Experience over 12 million points of interest, voice prompts, multi-destination planning, fast processing, and compatibility with the Pioneer AVIC feeds system.