Circuit Breakers, A Great Alternative to Fuses

A circuit breaker is an electrical switch that works automatically to provide in-line protection from damage caused by excessive current or short circuit. It will immediately terminate electrical flow when it detects a faulty electrical condition. Circuit breakers are made in a wide array of sizes, from small configurations for car audio or household appliances, to large configurations designed to protect high voltage circuits that provide power to entire cities.

Circuit breakers are a great alternative to fuses at the battery, mainly because unlike a fuse that operates once and then has to be replaced, a breaker can be reset to keep your power pumping. Using a circuit breaker will save you the trouble of buying fuses every time one blows, which happens often if you have a high performance sound system in your vehicle. Located on the top of most circuit breakers is a moveable lever and a reset button, when the breaker experiences excessive power, the lever will snap and stop all current flow. When this occurs, all you have to do is move the lever back to its normal location and hit the reset button, and in a matter of seconds, your power will be reinstated.

Here at Sonic, we carry circuit breakers from some of the best manufacturers like Tsunami and Xscorpion. The Tsunami CBF Series Circuit Breakers are available in 100 amp, 140 amp, 180 amp, and 200 amp configurations. The CBF series feature setscrew connections, 24K gold-plated connections, protective plastic cover, and integrated end caps for total short circuit protection. Xscorpion has manufactured their newest breakers with a LED status indicator, push button reset (that can also be used as a kill switch), water resistant housing, protective rubber bolt caps, and integrated holes for easy mounting.

Fuses are less expensive than circuit breakers; however, a blown fuse must be replaced for you to be able to enjoy your music again. So ditch those fuses, save money and enjoy the convenience of a circuit breaker.