Earthquake Sound SZ-12

Every now and then you will run into a car subwoofer that will leave you in awe with its unique design and superior structure. Not only will the subwoofer be aesthetically pleasing but it will sound amazingly precise and deliver bass like you have never heard or felt before. This is exactly what will happen when you set your eyes on the 2004 CES Innovations Award winning Earthquake Sound Subzero series subwoofer. This series of subwoofers are available in a 10”, 12”, and 15” model, ranging from 750 watts to 1250 watts of RMS power handling. Just because they all look the same does not mean they all sound or are built the same. Each woofer is uniquely design and built to accommodate its respective size. The Subzero series subwoofers feature many technologies that put them a notch above the rest and give them the label of high-end subwoofer. Subzero subwoofers are set to re-define what a high-end subwoofer should look and sound like. These subwoofers will offer quality, performance, ease of use and superb constructional design that will not be easily matched by other subwoofers within the car audio industry.

Earthquake Sound SZ-12The SZ-12 is the 12” subwoofer in the Subzero series of Earthquake Sound subwoofers. The woofer has a power handling rating of 2000 watts peak and 1000 watts RMS. With that much power you really won’t need more than one, unless you really want the earth around you to shake. The first thing you will notice on this subwoofer, besides is enormous size, will be the structure. A unique precision and different angle diamond cut basket makes this subwoofer look like a million dollars and with a structure like this it is pretty impossible do deny the quality of the woofer. A metal mesh look and design at the bottom of the basket protect the magnet from any damage, keeping the 12″ subwoofer safe from flying objects. The woofer is designed with and features a paper pressed composite woofer cone with a foam composite woofer surround, as well as a sturdy polypropylene bronze dust cap. The materials allow the subwoofer to reproduce clean, efficient, and powerful bass while also giving the woofer a sense of longevity and reliability. The SZ-12 car subwoofer is also equipped with a nomax/romax spider assembly meant to assist with accurate reproduction by maintaining the single piece piston as linear as possible. The high strength and power magnet motor structure moves the 3” over-sized, flat-wire voice coil that offer more surface area which increases the overall motor strength and sound reproduction. With a subwoofer of this magnitude it is important that it remain cool, the use of Turbine Cooled Transducer (TCT) technology keeps the woofer cool and running efficiently during long or short listening sessions, making sure the woofer is giving its best at all times.

Earthquake Sound SZ-12In car audio structure, features, and technologies are really important to the make and performance of a high-quality subwoofer, but just as important is ease of use. Nothing can be more frustrating that having to mess around with the installation of your woofer. Earthquake Sound has spare no expense in making sure that their SZ-12 Subzero subwoofer is not just great performing but also that it is easy to use and offers versatility to the user. For this reason they have incorporated a Parallel Series Parallel (PSP) terminal block. The PSP gives the subwoofer unsurpassed and match versatility by allowing it to be run in a 2, 4, or 8 ohm configuration by simply switching a fuse and reconfiguring the speaker cables. These quick and simple steps make the PSP terminals the most ergonomic terminals you will ever find on any other subwoofer. The Subzero Earthquake Sound subwoofer is innovative, reliable, and will produce some of the best bass around, with its many features this subwoofer is sure way to get notice in your car audio circles.