Massive Audio unleashed it’s bulk at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 by displaying a 2010 Cam-Am Spyder that they decked out with their audio gear. Beauty is more than skin deep as portrayed by the matte black finish which hides the inner audio components and upgraded engine parts. A custom built suspension system with prototype chrome swing arm could easily be seen glistening away under the lights at CES. LED encircled projector fog lights and headlights as well as wide swept fenders gave the already fierce Can-Am Spyder an even more aggressive look. We are glad Massive Audio got their speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers integrated into this beautiful vehicle, it seems more than fitting. You must be wondering what Massive put in the system? Good, wonder no more!

Three pairs of speakers and a subwoofer are easily seen on the outside of the vehicle while two amplifiers are less visible along the smooth exterior. Massive Audio RK6 speakers are lined up in the back running 120W RMS each side while providing great filler audio on the highway. In the center of the RK6 component speakers is the TW10 10″ Dual 4 ohm subwoofer with 500W RMS power handling which was punchy and accurate in it’s small enclosure. Up front were two pairs of CK 5 Stage III Component Speakers that also handle 120W RMS each side and were aimed directly at the driver for great sound imaging and staging. Powering the rear speakers and subwoofer is the new 2012 NX3 3-Channel power amplifier which output 240W RMS at 2 ohms for 2-channels and 600W RMS at 2 ohms for the sub channel. The amplifier uses a Class D and class A/B topology to keep the heat down but the quality up. Lastly, the Massive NX4 4-channel amplifier powered the front speakers effortlessly at 100W RMS each channel. An integrated iPad in the center controls the entire system giving you your entire music collection at the touch of your fingertip. A beautiful Can-Am Spyder combined with Massive Audio equipment was a big hit at CES 2012 and easy on the eyes and ears.