Viper 5901

If you’re as obsessed with your vehicles well-being as all of us at Sonic Electronix are, you may be very interested in smartphone compatible car alarm systems.  There are a few different options available on the market; however the most popular are the AutoPage C3 systems, or the SmartStart systems offered by Viper, Clifford and Python.

Both of these groundbreaking technologies allow for smartphone integration with your alarm system.  This means that your smartphone can control all of the features found on your keyfob.  If you’re looking to lock, unlock, and even remote start your vehicle all you need is your phone.  The phone can also communicate back to you it’s current status, showing if it’s locked, unlocked, or if you have remote started it.

Autopage C3-RS1100OLED
The AutoPage C3-RS1100OLED Remote Start and Security System is the perfect companion to C3 Technology

These systems both are compatible with most popular cell-phones, such as iPhones, Android Phones, and Blackberry Devices.    Both systems are capable of tracking the vehicle, and also can have Geo Fences set so you can be alerted if your vehicle is taken outside of a Geo Fence.  These awesome features are perfect for those who can’t resist always being in-the-know with their vehicles; and also excellent for new drivers being trusted with vehicles.

Keep in mind you’ll need to have a subscription for the C3 or SmartStart system that you use, provided directly from the manufacturer.  These subscriptions also may include additional bonuses, such as Free Roadside Assistance, adding additional value to the plans.

After adding a smartphone integrated alarm system to your vehicle, you’ll never have to think to yourself again “Did I remember to lock my car?” Even after stepping off an airplane thousands of miles away.