NVX’s V-series car amplifiers are known for their exceptional performance and sound quality. These amplifiers are designed to provide powerful and reliable amplification for your car audio system, whether you’re looking to upgrade your factory system or build a custom setup. These modern amplifiers are small but mighty, with cutting-edge technology that has been approved for use in marine conditions.

These amplifiers are an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality sound and reliable performance. With their advanced technology and compact design, the NVX V-series are sure to enhance any car audio setup.

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NVX V-Series Car Amplifier Features

One of the standout features of the V-series amplifiers is their Class D amplifier technology. Class D amplifiers are highly efficient, meaning they can deliver more power with less heat generation than other types of amplifiers. This efficiency translates to better sound quality, as the amplifier can produce more accurate and detailed sound without distortion.

Compared to Class-AB amplifiers, the NVX V-Series Class-D amplifiers are more efficient, generate less heat, and use lower currents. A three-way circuit protector is incorporated into the design of every amplifier in this series. This function protects your amplifier and system from damage caused by overheating, overload, and shorted speakers, extending their useful life.

Stylish endcaps and inputs are standard on all of the V-Series amplifier models. All of the low-level inputs and terminals are protected by platinized platinum. Because of this, the installation process may be completed with minimal mess and the metal will be protected from rust and corrosion.

The V-series amplifiers also feature advanced circuitry and components that contribute to their high-quality sound output. They use a high-speed MOSFET power supply, which provides consistent power delivery even during heavy use. They also have a multi-stage protection circuit, which helps prevent damage to your amplifier and your car’s electrical system.

Another key feature of the V-series amplifiers is their compact size. Despite their powerful performance, these amplifiers are designed to fit into small spaces, making them a great option for cars with limited space for audio equipment. Additionally, they feature a sleek and modern design that looks great in any car audio setup. These amplifiers are built to withstand the elements and may be used in any vehicle thanks to their marine-grade printed circuit board. 

The V-series amplifiers come in a variety of configurations to suit different audio setups. The VAD line is a series of mono-channel amplifiers designed for powering subwoofers, while the VAX line includes four-channel amplifiers for powering multiple speakers. All of the V-series amplifiers are compatible with both high-level and low-level inputs, allowing for flexible installation options.

Available NVX V-Series Car Amplifiers Models at Sonic Electronix

The conformal coated circuitry and platinum-plated inputs of the V-Series amps, which take advantage of modern D Class technology, make them weatherproof and compact enough to be stored on any vehicle, be it land or water.

Here are all the NVX V-series car amplifiers that are currently available for purchase at Sonic Electronix:


• 500 Watt True RMS Output!
• Marine Certified Monoblock Micro Class D Amplifier
• 180W x 1-Chan. @ 4 ohms
• 320W x 1-Chan. @ 2 ohms
• 500W x 1-Chan. @ 1 ohms
• 3-Way System Protection
• 8 Gauge Power and Ground Inputs
• Extremely Small Footprint


• 440 Watt True RMS Output!
• Marine Certified 2-Channel Micro Class D Amplifier
• 150W x 2-Chan. @ 4 ohms
• 220W x 2-Chan. @ 2 ohms
• 440W x 1-Chan. @ 4 ohms
• 3-Way System Protection
• 8 Gauge Power and Ground Inputs
• Extremely Small Footprint


• 400 Watt True RMS Output!
• Marine Certified 4-Channel Micro Class D Amplifier
• 75W x 4-Chan. @ 4 ohms
• 100W x 4-Chan. @ 2 ohms
• 3-Way System Protection
• 4/2 Channel Operation
• 8 Gauge Power and Ground Inputs
• Extremely Small Footprint!


• RMS: 300 x 2 @ 4 ohms, 420W x 2 @ 2 ohms, Bridged 840W x 1 @ 4 ohm
• Total RMS Power: 840W
• CEA-2006 Compliant
• Efficient Full Range Class D Design
• Dimensions: 10.1″W x 5.4″D x 2.0H

NVX VAD10001

• RMS: 420 x 1 @ 4 ohms, 760W x 1 @ 2 ohms, 1000W x 1 @ 1 ohm
• Total RMS Power: 1000W
• CEA-2006 Compliant
• Wired Bass Remote Included
• Efficient Class D Design
• Dimensions: 7.0″W x 5.4″D x 2.0H

NVX VAD10004

• 150 watts x 4 channel @ 4 ohms
• 250 watts x 4 channel @ 2 ohms
• Bridged: 500 watts x 2 channel @ 4 ohms
• Total RMS Power: 1000 watts
• CEA-2006 Compliant
• Class D 2 ohms Stable 4-Channel Amplifier

NVX VAD11005

• 4 ohms: 80 watts x 4 chan. + 350 x 1 chan.
• 2 ohms: 125 watts x 4 chan. + 600 x 1 chan.
• Bridged, 4 ohms: 250 watts x 2 chan. + 600 x 1 chan.
• 5/4/2 Channel Operation

NVX VAD17001

• RMS: 800 x 1 @ 4 ohms, 1350W x 1 @ 2 ohms, 1700W x 1 @ 1 ohm
• Total RMS Power: 1700W
• CEA-2006 Compliant
• Wired Bass Remote Included
• Efficient Class D Design
• Dimensions: 10.1″W x 5.4″D x 2.0H

NVX VAD27001

• RMS: 1250 x 1 @ 4 ohms, 1950W x 1 @ 2 ohms, 2700W x 1 @ 1 ohm
• Total RMS Power: 2700W
• CEA-2006 Compliant
• Wired Bass Remote Included
• Efficient Class D Design
• Dimensions: 13.7″W x 5.4″D x 2.0H

NVX V-Series Car Amplifier Installation & Setup

It’s not too complicated to put in an amplifier for your car. You should start by gathering the amplifier, wiring kit, and other hardware you’ll need to complete the job. The next step is to place the amplifier firmly in a position of your choosing. Next, use a fuse and zip ties to connect the power wire from the battery to the amplifier. The remote turn-on cable is then routed to the head unit, and the ground wire is connected to a metal spot on the car’s frame. Make sure the polarity of the speaker cables is correct when connecting them to the amplifier and speakers. It is important to test the system after all of the components have been linked. A replacement amplifier for your car’s stereo system can be fitted in the following ways.

Consult our detailed buying guide on choosing the right NVX V-Series amp. For your ease and convenience, just state your car’s make, model, and year in our Fit Finder to help you pick the best V-Series amplifier for your vehicle.

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