A Bluetooth Audio Receiver makes the perfect alternative to your standard head unit. Pair this receiver with your phone via Bluetooth and suddenly your smart phone is the epicenter of your vehicle’s sound system. With a sleek, compact, easy to use design; this receiver is an ideal choice for ATV/UTV, motorcycle, or marine use. The design is so simple the operator can use it without taking their eyes off the road, trail, lake, or wherever they might be.


NVX XUBT4 Universal Bluetooth Receiver and Remote Control

The install process is as simple as plug and play and the layout of this device is even simpler. With only 5 or 6 buttons depending on the brand, you can pause/play, skip/rewind, and adjust volume with something so small it fits in your palm. Once your phone is paired control your system with your phone or the receiver, the choice is yours.

To pair your phone to this device:

  1. Turn on the receiver
  2. Search for the receiver on your smartphone’s Bluetooth menu
  3. Pair the phone to your device
  4. And enjoy your favorite music


Wiring Instructions

installation with an equalizer

The wiring instructions are as basic as the device. Connect the red wire to your +12V for power, the blue wire connects to your amplifier remote wire and the black wire connects to the -12V for your ground. Five minutes and you’re done and the only tools needed are a 3″ hole saw, wire strippers and crimpers. You can even incorporate an EQ to have full control over your sound, but this device is so well manufacturerd and simple the experts say this isn’t even necessary!

Mounting Options

Mounting Options

Depending on the unit you purchase, there are three mounting applications.

  1. The first is a flush mount for units similar to the MTX Audio MUDBTRC. Find a convenient location for the device with 1″ of clearance behind it, typically on your dashboard. Take your 3″ hole saw and drill an opening for your device. Insert the mounting accessory and screw into place.
  2. The second is an option for select units with an adhesive backside like the SSV Works BMC. Simply select a location, clean it with an alcohol wipe, remove the adhesive cover and stick to the desired location.
  3. Certain units like Wet Sound’s BT RS are designed to snap into a standard Carling style switch opening, commonly found on your dashboard.

Unique Applications

This device has many applications. Be as creative as you want, there are no limitations. You can apply this to your boat, UTV/ATV, motorcycle, car and even an ice chest. If you don’t believe me look at what someone did with the JL Audio MBT-CRX:

Yeti Boombox with JF Audio MBT-CRX