Black Friday Rewind Sale at Sonic Electronix

Did you miss the 2010 Black Friday sale at Sonic Electronix? If you answered yes, then you are not alone. While individuals from around the world took advantage of the low low prices that Sonic offered the day after American Thanksgiving, there were many that were too busy to find time to research what they wanted and place their orders. That is why Sonic is looking to the past and bringing back the 2010 Black Friday sale!

Sonic has even gone the extra mile to bring better deals to this sale. While some of the items on the Black Friday sale are now sold out, they have been replaced with new items and newly reduced prices. Saving money is the key here and that’s what Sonic helps their loyal customers do best. Head on over to the Black Friday Rewind Sale and find out what you have been missing.

Some of the new deals on this retro deal include the Vibe Audio Black Air 10 subwoofer. If you have been reading this blog consistently, you will know that Sonic are big fans of the new Vibe audio equipment. These Black Air subwoofers feature a yellow polyglass cone and a custom Vibe dust cap. Handling 450 RMS, it is a great solution to a basic audio system while still delivering excellent sound quality. Another standout deal is the Jensen HD5313IR car stereo. When looking at the features of this name brand radio, one would think that the price tag would be twice as high. Built-in HD Radio and complete iPod integration are standard on this unit. The CEA-2006 compliant amplifier ensures that the output to the speakers remains accurate and constant. Features like all of this can be found on similar units, but for a much higher price. Sonic and Jensen is offering all of this for under $100 for this exclusive Black Friday rewind sale.