More and more people are embracing the joys of recreational vehicles. Sure, the industry is getting more competitive with improved OEM equipment. But just like any other type of vehicle out there, it’s inevitable that ATV and UTV owners will modify their vehicles.

UTV custom audio with amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, and mounting equipment

The majority of my customer’s will do anything and everything to enjoy their favorite tunes when riding whatever vehicle they posses. And all-terrain vehicles are no exception to this rule. A killer sound system technically does not improve the performance of an ATV/UTV, but many refuse to ride around without an audio upgrade. With huge iTunes libraries, satellite radios, and streaming capabilities, people are finding it easier than ever to play music from anywhere. However, with such advancements comes even greater confusion and misinformation. Here are the three most frequently asked questions concerning ATV and UTV audio.

My ATV/UTV Has a Loud Engine; Will I Hear my Music?

This is one of the most common problems that quad bike and side by side vehicle owners have to solve. Unlike cars that offer the solace of an enclosed environment for both the engine and the driver, ATVs and UTVs do not provide such comforts. Whether it’s in front, behind or underneath, the engine is guaranteed to make substantial noise as you drive. Once you factor in the ugly truth that sound damping material won’t work in an ATV, you have a huge conundrum to solve. With very little to work with, how do you ensure that the music comes out loud and clear without being deafened by the roar of the engine? The answer is simple; power. Some of the best sound systems built for utility and all terrain vehicles incorporate components that offer more power to your sound that dwarfs all vehicular and background noises. This includes an amplifier as well as an extra battery to ensure the main one does not get drained.

Do I Need a Weather Resistant Products?

You and your vehicle are constantly exposed to the elements no matter what. Most people think that water resistance, anti-corrosive coatings, and UV resistance in sound systems only apply to marine vehicles. This is a huge mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars in audio equipment. Water is not the only element that poses a risk to your equipment. Significant amounts of dust and debris could just as effectively ruin your gear. Whether it’s a UTV or ATV, all the audio equipment installed needs to be weather proof and resistant to mud, dirt and water. Having marine speakers, insulated equipment and the proper wiring helps protect against the harsh and destructive elements

How Important is Mounting?

UTVs and ATVs lack essential space that could be used to install sound equipment discreetly. In most cases, the only logical approach involves installing mounting gear and harnessing equipment that is used to hold the sound equipment. In addition to being practical, mounting also plays a vital role in providing accessibility and convenience for the driver. With little or no space to work with, it is important to place the controls and speakers in the best locations using things like handlebar and harnesses.

Atv custom audio with subwoofers, speakers, amplifiers, and mounting equipment