Nowadays, people spend a ton of time driving every single day. Besides illegally talking on their cell phone, the only source of entertainment is music provided by the car’s audio system; which is why many car owners will gladly shell out big bucks on a quality sound system. Low-frequency sounds are a major part of modern music. The realism of a sound system directly hinges on its ability to hit the higher notes and achieve the low notes with equal zeal.

Car speakers are relatively small by nature, so they have trouble producing low-frequency sounds. This is where subwoofers come in to give your music the depth we all crave. If you are addicted to the intense, spine-tingling, all powerful impact of pure bass hitting your body, then you have to know subwoofers. However, there’s no need to worry if you are new to the world of bass. This comprehensive car subwoofer buying guide will set you straight.

Why Subwoofers?

Subwoofers are solely dedicated to reproducing low frequency sounds with absolute precision. They achieve this by moving the air back and forth to create displacement that in turn produces bass. Using more than one subwoofer guarantees a great way to double the surface area being displaced, but it’s just one factor among many that will influence your bass. Some types of music benefit more from a neat sub than others. However, adding some quality bass is guaranteed to bring any car stereo to life.

Types of Car Subwoofers

While there are innumerable types of subwoofers, many music enthusiasts continue to carry out custom modifications on average subs to get better sound. However, the main types of subwoofers include:

Subwoofer Driver (Woofer)

Also known as passive subwoofers, these are the most basic forms of a sub. Typically, they consist of only a basic woofer constructed within an enclosure. This type of subwoofer comes in a wide range of sizes and abilities and should be powered by an external amp to function effectively.

Powered Subwoofer

Powered Subs are those with amplifiers built directly into the enclosure to save the user space and time. While this is super convenient, there is one setback. The power of the bass produced here is not as strong as a sub powered by external amplifiers. However, powered subwoofers excel at reproducing midrange frequencies.


Vehicle Specific Subwoofer

If space is a concern, vehicle specific subwoofers are the best fit for your car. This category of sub is built to cater to the needs of a particular type of vehicle and can be redesigned to fit in certain space saving locations all over your car. Since they are small, they are definitely not the most powerful.

Which Subwoofer Should I Get?

Picking a subwoofer depends on many factors. This includes how much space you have in your car, music taste, power desired, and how much you are willing to spend. However, there are some factors that are most crucial to getting exactly what you need. Which of the following statement best describes your needs?

I Want to Buy a Complete off the Shelf Subwoofer

When buying subwoofer packages, a complete set involves a subwoofer, enclosure combo, and a few other accessories to make sure you get it right. Buying a fully assembled and ready to run subwoofer means that you do not have to spend time and effort designing your own system. This is a major advantage if you do not have the skill and experience required to build your own subwoofer. Belva is a notable brand that has been providing its customers with quality products. If you want to get it right the first time round, just check out Belva’s loaded enclosures.

I Want to Handpick Components and Build a Custom Subwoofer

For veteran subwoofer enthusiasts and bass junkies, this option should be right up your alley. Most car owners with a ton of audio equipment experience prefer to pick out the right components and work on a project that will get them precisely the sound they need. Fortunately, NVX offers customers an extensive array of subs and components that come together to form a work of audio art. Grab a woofer, amp, enclosure, impedance and voice coil for an optimized set up. Don’t forget that you will need specified tools to install the system in your vehicle.


If good bass is a priority, car subwoofers are a necessity. While there are lots of great brands out there, experts and sound engineers highly recommend products from NVX.  Whether you want to purchase a complete package or start building your sub set up from scratch, NVX has the subs for you. With a remarkably responsive customer service department, each customer receives one on one attention to ensure all questions are answered and all expectations are surpassed.