Any driver knows the importance of quality lighting. It’s the difference between making the turn and hitting the curb. This is even more imperative in powersports applications. Most ATV and UTV come with standard headlights, but depending on the level of adrenaline you’re seeking – the ability to illuminate specific areas of your surroundings will bolster safety and fun.

Lighting additions can look like spotlights, light bars or simply replacing your OEM with higher quality headlights. Lights for UTV/ATV are usually marine rated and protect themselves against wind, rain, mud and varying degrees of impact. You must consider the environments you take your vehicle into and double check the product weatherproof rating of your accessories so you don’t take equipment into situations it’s not built to handle. 

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2,700KWarm White
3,000KSoft White
3,500KNeutral White
4,100KCool White
5,000KBright White
Kelvin Scale

Lights are also measured by CREE and/or Kelvin units. A CREE light is measured by the bulb’s Color Rendering Index (CRI) from 0-100 that indicates how accurate a light source is at rendering color. A CRI from 85 to 90 is good, but a CRI of 90 or above is considered to be excellent. A Kelvin rating does not just indicate heat levels from the light source but also the color of the light being generated. 

  • Most spot or cube lights are roughly 3”x3” that can be installed with adjustable mounts to swivel the lights in the direction of your choice. Some come with amber light filters that can be installed over the bulb cover.
  • The light bars are roughly 5” tall at a variety of lengths. These are typically installed on the front or backend of your off-road vehicle. Light bars have adapted to include multi-color light configurations. The Heise Infinite Series lightbars offer over 16 million colors to choose from via mobile app. Since all ATV/UTV lights are meant for outdoor applications, they’re also designed with breathing ports to allow moisture to escape from inside the lens. 
  • There are smaller pod lights that offer better placement customization like underneath the wheel well, vehicle frame, and any internal glove or engine compartment. 
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Knockout Panels + Switches

Switches can be customized into any number “functions.”

Utility Task Vehicles are built similarly to a car, with side-by-side seating and steering wheel. Since it has an interior space you can customize your UTV with a knockout panel and tailor insertable switches to control separate lights, a winch, audio and whatever else your heart desires into its dashboard.

Individual waterproof USB ports, digital meters, and even cigarette lighters can be individually added to a console with or without a panel. The knockout panels are universal fit, but can be shopped for by make and model of your choice.

If picking and choosing each switch is too much work, the Install Bay IBSP6 comes pre-wired with 6 customizable switches.

Remote Controls + Bluetooth 

For drivers who want a clean aesthetic and a less fussy dashboard for their off-roading vehicle, it’s still possible to operate an audio system without a stereo unit. Some folks will opt to stream their audio from their phone or media device via a Bluetooth Receiver. These are directly wired into an amplifier or amplified speaker.

It’s another possibility to do away with utilizing a head unit or a smartphone, so no unnecessary equipment will be exposed to the elements or simply dropped out of the vehicle. This is where a Remote Control would come in handy. Either wireless or wired into the dashboard, a remote can control all the typical audio functions for volume and track skipping. Remotes can also be found for lighting features.

Installation Needs

If you’ll be adding new equipment to your vehicle stop by the Sonic Electronix UTV + ATV Installation page for vehicle specific parts, wires, tools and any mounting materials you may needs.