By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Before the zBoost, I suffered with horrible cell phone reception at my home. After many frustrating years of dropping numerous calls and missing countless others, I finally found a solution. Thanks to the zBoost cell phone signal booster, I can now make and receive cell phone calls in my home, which was once a dreaded dead zone. If you are experiencing poor cell phone reception in your home or office, installing a zBoost cell phone signal booster will immediately increase the number of bars you get inside of your building. This ingenious device really works, and it is backed by a guarantee to improve the cell phone coverage in your building. With the zBoost in place, I saw an immediate impact. I hosted a weekend BBQ the weekend after installing it, and for the first time I heard no complaints about the lack of signal in my home and neighborhood. In fact, many of my guests mentioned how shocked they were at receiving a cell phone signal at my house, which was once a notorious dead zone! The zBoost YX510 is the answer.

The main components of the zBoost YX510 are the signal antenna and the base unit. The signal antenna should be mounted on the roof of the building in order to enhance the signal transmitted from the nearest cell phone towers. This antenna connects to the base unit, which can be mounted anywhere inside of the building. The base unit connects to the signal antenna via a coax cable. I drilled a hole through the ceiling and ran the coax cable through the attic in order to connect the base unit to the roof-mounted signal antenna. The base unit plugs right into the wall outlet and uses a mini antenna to essentially create a cell phone zone within the building. The results are truly amazing: the zBoost turns a dead zone into a hot zone for cell phone reception. I wanted to keep it discreet so I mounted the zBoost inside of my closet, but you can mount it wherever you like. Even though it is hidden, it works beautifully.

Now every spot in my house is a good spot to place or take a call. I no longer have to remain still in order to keep a signal. Nor do I have to go outside in hopes of finding reception. The zBoost YX510 is truly a godsend. My home is now the envy of the neighborhood, as most of my neighbors have also been dealing with poor reception problems. Of course, now that they’ve seen the instant results of my zBoost signal booster, I am sure that they will be installing their own. As for me, I plan to purchase another one for my vacation cabin. The zBoost is simply the perfect solution for improving your signal, whether you are vacationing outside of the city or residing in a neighborhood with faulty reception, the zBoost will make a difference. The zBoost really works, and it is a must-have for anyone living in or around a dead zone! You will finally be able to enjoy the convenience of making and receiving cell phone calls, as well as sending and receiving text messages. You no longer have to live in the dark ages – get zBoost to get connected!