Why Wireless?

Our world is becoming less and less wired everyday. Lone gone are the days when you had to have cords on everything. The wires are getting chopped off all of our favorite gadgets to make them more convenient and easier to use. From our phones to our keyboards the BOYO Vision VTC464RBwires are long gone. So why would we keep the wires on our back up cameras? We shouldn’t! And now we don’t have to with the BOYO Vision VTC404R and the VTC464R, your installs will be that much easier when installing a backup system into your vehicle.

Tell Me More…

Normally a back up camera install requires you to run long wires through your vehicle that can become damaged so you have to replace them and can also require you to, depending on what kind of camera you buy, to also have to drill a hole in your bumper to mount the camera. The BOYO Vision VTC404R and VTC464R make installation a breeze so you can make your vehicle safer and more convenient in no time. The video signals on both cameras are completely wireless and the viewing monitor on both can be either plugged into the cigarette lighter for an ultra fast install, or hardwired for a permanent install.

Why Even Bother?

Well a few reasons. One, if you have a large vehicle, backing into those tight parking spots can be a real pain. And it would be a shame to scratch the paint job on your ride and have to spend your hard earned dough on something that was totally avoidable. Two, if you have a trailer on your already large vehicle, the parking becomes even more difficult. Not to mention you can keep an eye on your cargo while cruising down the freeway to make sure you don’t lose your trailer and cause a pile up. Not to mention just the safety feature alone that makes a wireless camera all the more worth it. If you live in a neighborhood with lot’s of children, a tragic accident can be avoided if a kid is chasing a ball and runs behind your vehicle while backing up. Especially if you have a new driver in your household who, let’s face it, probably isn’t the best driver in the world.


Why wait any longer? A wireless back up system is affordable and takes almost no time at all to install. They’ll help you avoid costly damage or from accidentally hitting someone. So now that all your excuses are gone, get yours now!

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