When getting into car audio, you’re bound to have to purchase an amplifier sooner or later to get clearer sounding, or louder audio. It’s always best to plan ahead of time before making this crucial purchase, and properly researching your options should always be something to keep in mind.

Hifonics Zeus ZXi60.4 + 1K
The 5th channel of this Hifonics Zeus ZXi60.4 + 1K is powerful enough to drive many competition grade subwoofers.

In order to fully power four door speakers and a subwoofer, you’re more than likely going to need more than one amplifier – a 4-Channel Amplifier to power the door speakers, and a Monoblock Amplifier to power the subwoofer. Not interested in two separate amplifiers you say? Not a problem. That’s where 5-Channel Amplifiers come in. These amps have their benefits and can really save a lot of time and hassle in an installation, not to mention valuable space.

The multiple amplifier configuration previously mentioned with two separate amps can present a couple of potential issues. First, in order to install two amplifiers, you’ll need to carefully plan how you’re going to wire the amps. Without the proper hardware and planning, you’re not going to be able to adequately supply power to your amplifiers, which can lead to low performance in your brand new audio system. A huge benefit to 5-channel amplifiers is just the ease of installation. Instead of dealing with multiple amps, now you’re just running one wire from the battery to the amplifier. This can be huge depending on your installation experience, and can save you money when you’re browsing for an Amplifier Wiring Kit.

Kicker IX1000.5
The Kicker IX1000.5 is only about the size of a textbook, but is capable of powering a full audio system.

Practically all 5-channel amplifiers are designed to emulate a 4-channel and Monoblock configuration. On 5-Channel amplifiers, it’s common to find the front four channels producing power similar to a four-channel amplifier. The all-important 5-channel is like an added bonus, as it is capable of pushing enough power to run one or two subwoofers. An amplifier like the Kicker IX1000.5 is a perfect example of a high powered, space efficient 5-channel amplifier.

So the next time you find yourself in the market for amplifiers, don’t forget how beneficial a 5-channel amplifier can be. These marvels of manufacturing can help you save time, space, and make tuning a system much easier!