Pro Tools 10 was unveiled at AES 2011 this year as the follow-up to Avid’s unprecedented open format Pro Tools 9.   Just like Pro Tools 9, Pro Tools 10 can be used with any interface so now the industry standard digital audio workstation incorporates your favorite interface and is even faster with a totally new plug-in format.

Pro Tools 10’s New Features:

Clip Gain –  Clip gain allows you to set the level of a select region of a track without using automation data.

32 bit Float –  A brand new bit depth feature allows users to take advantage of audio files encoded with a 32 bit floating point, allowing for higher resolution and quicker processing times as dithering time is reduced.

Multiformat files within a session – Pro Tools now allows for multiple file formats to all operate together within a session without the need of converting them into a consistent file format.   Weather you’re importing WAV or AIFFs all your tracks will live in perfect harmony all in one session with no converting necessary

Real Time fades –  Fades files are now a thing of the past as fades for each region are processed in real time.   Fades can even be changed during playback!

New Plug-In Format – AAX is a new plug-in format that supports 64bit processing.      As plug-in developers continually come up with more powerful plug-ins  Pro Tools 10s new AAX format will be able to support the latest in processing power.     This is in addition to the TDM and RTAS plugins already supported by Pro Tools.     Three new plug-ins are now included in Pro Tools 10.

Pro Tools 10 is the fastest, most powerful, and most customizable version of Pro Tools to date.  It is also the friendliest version for use with other applications.   Sessions from Apple Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, and many other DAW systems with OMF  enabled formats can easily be imported into Pro Tools 10 and edited with ease.