RCA Interconnect cables are a very important component of aftermarket audio systems. They are responsible for sending the audio signal from the car receiver to the amplifier. From the amplifier, that signal is then sent to the speakers and becomes audible to our ears. Quality RCA cables will result in better sound quality. In this blog we will discuss characteristics of RCA cables that separate the low-end cables from the high-end. When searching for the best RCA Interconnect Cables, use the following as a guide to find the cable best suited for you.


Kicker RCA Cables w Gold ContactThere are a lot of different materials out there that are used to create an RCA cable. Each of these materials will have different properties and efficiencies when it comes to transferring audio signals. Always look for pure Oxygen Free Copper (OFC). The higher the quality of copper, the cleaner the signal will be.

Also look for contacts made from highly conductive materials. Since the audio signal has to go through two contact points when being transferred from the source unit to the amplifier, it is important that low quality contacts do not degrade the signal. Look for materials like Gold, Rhodium, or Silver. The Kicker X-Series is an excellent example of quality gold contacts.

Twisted Windings

MTX Streetwires RCA Cables Hyper TwistHow the copper cable is wound inside the cable jacket is very important. When a RCA cable uses a twisted winding method, the cable is able to reject outside noise. Many reputable companies will use twisted pair technology, even though it might be hidden behind an outer jacket. Other companies, such as MTX on their Streetwires ZN7 Cables, will use a clear outer jacket that shows off the twisted windings.


Monster RCA Cable 400 CarA solid, tight connection is very important for RCA interconnect cables. When the cable is connected to the receiver or the amplifier, there should be no chance that it could fall off from vibrations. Monster Cable 400 Series Cables use an 8-cut turbine connector and a split center pin to ensure the cable will have a secure fit. Look for connectors with split tips and a multi-cut outer shield.

This is a basic guide to a RCA cable that is best matched for your needs. While all cables are relatively the same (copper wire with connectors soldered on both ends), these construction methods will decrease the amount of outside noise. Higher quality cables will result in better sounding music.