1. Connect your iPhone to your stereo using Apple CarPlay

CarPlay is Apple’s solution for the car that allows you to make phone calls, send messages and listen to music without holding or using your actual phone. You can either toggle these features by going truly hands-free by using Siri or you can quickly select the application you want to use through the easy to use menu right on your car stereo. This allows for safer operation with fewer distractions. 

Sony XAV8000

2. You can get Apple CarPlay in almost any vehicle

Car manufacturers began using Apple CarPlay in their vehicles around 2015 or later and even when it was first released, it was only reserved for the top trim models; however, just because your factory radio doesn’t have the ability to use this feature, doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get something in the aftermarket that can. We offer a number of car stereos that offer this incredibly useful feature. 

3. Aftermarket car stereos with Apple CarPlay can be fairly affordable 

Although we do sell some $1200 premium head units with Apple CarPlay built-in, we also offer some fairly affordable options for around $300. This means that you won’t have to break the bank to be able to quickly modernize your vehicle.

4. Not all Apple CarPlay enabled car stereos are the same

Although the UI (User Interface) will look the same pretty much across the board, there are certain features that will only be available in more premium head units. In the more expensive models, you will be able to get things like larger touchscreens or wireless Carplay. Most CarPlay enable stereos from the factory or in the aftermarket are only made available via wired Apple CarPlay. Meaning that you have to connect your iPhone to your stereo through a USB cable. 

Wireless CarPlay enables you to connect your iPhone to your stereo by using a shared wifi connection that only premium head units offer. Once you connect your phone to that wifi connection from the head unit, you will be given the ability to enable wireless CarPlay. This eliminates the need for a USB cable.

NVX XMountPro

5. There are other ways to use your iPhone hands-free 

Apple CarPlay is not the only option when it comes to using your iPhone. Many modern vehicles from the last 15 years and every aftermarket car stereo we sell have either an option for USB, Bluetooth, or both. You could then purchase a phone mount for as little as $5 so you place your phone in an easy to see location that won’t obstruct your view of the road. That way you could set your GPS or music playlist before you drive and you can leave it as you drive. Also while driving, you could use the “Hey Siri” feature if you want to change the song, reset the navigation, send a text, or make a phone call.

Now that you have these 5 fast facts for using your iPhone to your car, you are well on your way to getting the most out of your device while driving. Whether you decide to spend $1000 on a new car stereo or just $5 on a new phone mount, there are multiple ways to safely use your device in your vehicle.