Upbeat Audio Boostaroo Revolution R234-2 Pocket Amplifier

I am very picky about the sound quality of my music when listening to it, whether it is in my car, on my laptop, or from my iPod. When it comes to listening to music in my car, I have no problem with the quality, but when im using my computer or iPod, im never satisfied, always wishing that would be louder or pack more of a punch. Well, I guess im not the only person in the world that has these thoughts; Upbeat Audio has made a product specifically for this issue with their Boostaroo Revolution Personal Amplifier.

This exclusive portable pocket headphone amplifier will double the volume output of your laptop or personal audio device while enhancing the sound quality at the same time. The Boostaroo is designed for use with high end quality headphones such as the German Maestro GMP 400 and the Grado SR60i. Its compact, lightweight design allows this amplifier to fit in your shirt and pants pockets with a player and can be clipped to belts, lanyards, or keychains with the built-in link feature. The Boostaroo Revolution is equipped with 2 outputs jacks for use with 2 headphones or speakers and is compatible with portable DVD players, MP3 and CD players, satellite radios, PC’s, Laptops, FM transmitters and anything that has a 3.5mm headphone jack. Boostaroo Audio has constructed this pocket amplifier inside a durable and rugged casing that will last for years, its also features a LED indicator on the casing to let you know when the device is on. For longer playing time, you can use alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries; and nickel-metal hydride type batteries.

The Boostaroo Pocket Amplifier is great for students, business presentations, teachers, and more. It has enhanced my listening sessions a ton and I can’t believe I went so long without one.