A car audio system upgrade starts with an amplifier. If you’re the type to add only a subwoofer on your current set of full-range speakers and tweeters, then the monoblock amplifier is for you.

There are many heavyweight mono amps in the market, but these five have caught the attention and became the top choice of our customers at Sonic Electronix. Read on to know what makes these the top-selling monoblock car audio amplifiers:

Kicker CXA800.1 (46CXA8001)

Durability: 5 | Value: 5 | Features: 5 | Design: 5 | Usability: 5

Kicker CXA800.1 (46CXA8001) provides even more power and wiring options for your system, this CX-Series Mono Amp is now one-ohm stable. With the simple turn of the optional CXARC Remote Bass Controller, the CXA800.1’s Class-D power plant has a customizable bass boost with KickEQTM that can add up to 6dB of extra boost. You can rapidly adjust your system to perfection thanks to the powerful 12dB crossover and 24dB subsonic filter that are included. Expand your system with additional bass amplifiers using the full-range outputs, or finish it off with a full-range amplifier.

Massive power levels are achieved by CX-Series amps thanks to an optimized circuit design and the best internal components. A clever design and highly effective heat sinks keep the amp cool.

Item highlights

• 300 Watts RMS x 1 @ 4 ohms
• 600 Watts RMS x 1 @ 2 ohms
• 800 Watts RMS x 1 @ 1 ohm
• Efficient Class-D Monoblock Amplifier
• KickEQ™ 6dB variable bass boost for those additional low frequencies
• FIT+™ (Fail-safe Integration Technology-PLUS) means it works with nearly every radio

Excellent value for the money!” – ★★★★★

Lots of power in a small package. I installed this with a 4 gauge Kicker amp kit. Paired with a 12” Kicker Solo-Baric L7T and it sounds great. Certified power at 1 ohm is 925 watts.



Sonic Electronix Customer

NVX VAD17001

Durability: 5 | Value: 4.9 | Features: 4.8 | Design: 5 | Usability: 4.8

The VAD17001 is the ideal Class D amplifier if you need a lot of power. You shouldn’t have any trouble powering a very powerful subwoofer with the ability to deliver up to 1700W of true RMS power to one channel.

The VAD17001 is an amplifier from the VAD Line that features a conformally coated, marine-grade circuit board. This makes it possible to install this amplifier in almost any situation. To enhance the longevity of your amplifier and speakers, it is also fitted with 3-way protection circuitry that provides temperature, overload, and short circuit protection.

Item highlights

• RMS: 800 x 1 @ 4 ohms, 1350W x 1 @ 2 ohms, 1700W x 1 @ 1 ohm
• Total RMS Power: 1700W
• CEA-2006 Compliant
• Wired Bass Remote Included
• Efficient Class D Design
• Dimensions: 10.1″W x 5.4″D x 2.0H

Awesome product” – ★★★★★

This amp for its size and the power that it puts out is unbelievable. I’ve seen amps that were half the power but bigger than this one. I would highly recommend this product. My favorite part is it comes with a fan in it to keep it cool.

Anonymous Reviewer

Sonic Electronix Customer

JL Audio VX1000/1i

Durability: 5 | Value: 5 | Features: 5 | Design: 5 | Usability: 5

Designed with both sophistication and functionality in mind, each VXi amplifier integrates a full-featured digital signal processor and our cutting-edge NexD2TM switching amplifier technology in order to ease the creation of superb audio.

The monoblock VX1000/1i subwoofer amplifier can output up to 600 watts into a 4 ohm load or a mind-blowing 1000 watts into a 2 ohm load. Rock-solid bass performance and fidelity are delivered with exceptional efficiency by a low-frequency variant of our NexD2TM amplifier technology. Installation in confined locations is substantially facilitated by the compact dimensions, which have all connections made on one side through mated plugs.

All amplifier adjustments and DSP capabilities are set via an external, compatible device (PC, Tablet, or Smartphone) with the relevant JL Audio TüN® Software application loaded, as opposed to conventional control knobs and switches.

Item highlights

• 600 Watts RMS x 1 @ 4 ohms
• 800 Watts RMS x 1 @ 3 ohms
• 1000 Watts RMS x 1 @ 2 ohms
• Built-In Digital Signal Processor
• Adjustments Controlled Through TüN App
• Chassis Hides Mounting Hardware
• Dimensions: 11.32″ W x 6.62″ L x 2.12″ H

The latest and best JL Audio monoblock amp!” – ★★★★★

This thing is tiny but powerful and efficient. So efficient that I did not need a second battery or alternator after installation. It also stays cool to the touch even if I’m driving for 2 hours with my system on loud.

Additionally, this amp features a built-in DSP which helps to get the best sound from your subwoofer. I paired this amp with the 12w7AE in the H.O. Wedge and I’m extremely happy with my purchase.

Don’t listen to the Sundown fans, a JL Audio system is definitely worth every penny if you can afford a w7.

Anonymous Reviewer

Sonic Electronix Customer

Rockford Fosgate Prime R2-1200X1

Durability: 5| Value: 5 | Features: 5| Design: 5 | Usability: 5

Rockford-Fosgate’s R2 amplifiers have undergone an amazing upgrade by packing them with the latest features at an incredible value. In the words of Rockford Fosgate themselves, the R2-1200X1 is primed for performance. This amplifier is a 1200 watt, class-D amplifier that can run in mono at 4 ohms, 2 ohms, or 1 ohm. Because of its Class-D technology, which decreases demand on the vehicle’s electrical system, this amplifier is incredibly efficient.

The amp also has integrated Punch EQ that corrects for acoustic shortcomings while producing up to 3X the bass, CLEAN circuitry to assist you optimize your gain settings, and a P.O.W.E.R. Supply that generates more power as voltage climbs. With subwoofers, you can adjust the bass to the right level for the song thanks to a variable infrasonic filter and remote level control.

Item highlights

• 400 Watts RMS x 1 @ 4 ohms
• 800 Watts RMS x 1 @ 2 ohms
• 1200 Watts RMS x 1 @ 1 ohm
• CEA-2006 Compliant
• R.L.C. Remote Level Control

“The Best Purchase Ever!!!!” – ★★★★★

You know what your getting when you buy Rockford Fosgate amps. I had the Prime 750 Watt Class D 1 channel Amplifier with 2 KICKER – CompR 12″ Dual-Voice-Coil 2-Ohm Subwoofers and the sound was good. But since I put the Rockford Fosgate Prime R2-1200X1 and 2 Skar Audio SVR-12 D4 12″ 1600 Watt Max Power Dual 4 Ohm Car Subwoofer in my truck it’s amazing. The deep bass is amazing. You feel everything. It makes your ears hurt. You feel it through your body. I couldn’t have made a better purchase. If you want a amp that will stand the test of time go with Fosgate. You won’t regret it.


Sonic Electronix Customer

Belva BXA15001

Durability: 4.7 | Value: 4.7 | Features: 4.7 | Design: 4.7 | Usability: 4.7

The Belva BXA15001 in its core is a 2-Ohms stable monoblock amplifier with a 1500-Watt max power output, features Class A/B circuitry combined with a MOSFET transistor and 3-way protection for extreme efficiency. The BXA15001 has a variable bass boost knob, unlike most amplifiers on the market just have a variable bass boost switch. This makes it possible for the user to more precisely adjust the bass and gain in the amplifiers ranging from 0 to 18 decibels.

With both high level and low level speaker inputs, the BXA15001 offers enhanced input flexibility. The amplifier’s high level inputs enable it to be connected to factory stereos or aftermarket stereos without low level RCA inputs. Because of the low level speaker inputs, it is possible to avoid the challenging operation of splicing the wire into the stereo.

Item highlights

• 750 watts x 1 channel @ 4 ohms
• 1500 watts x 1 channel @ 2 ohms
• Total Peak Power: 1500 watts
• Class A/B 2 ohms Stable Monoblock

“Good value” – ★★★★★

Great items highly recommend works great n on issues what so ever.


Sonic Electronix Customer

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